While Having Sex, Who Feels More Pleasure Male Or Female?

While Having Sex, Who Feels More Pleasure Male Or Female?
It's a general curiosity people like to know While Having Sex, Who Feels More Pleasure Male Or Female? My Wife and I tested and found Amazing Issues we shared here.
In this article you'll learn everything there is to know about who feels more pleasure male or female?  including:

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It’s a general curiosity people like to know While Having Sex, Who Feels More Pleasure Male Or Female? My Wife and I tested and found Amazing Issues we shared here.

Men or women – everyone loves sex. Sex is the most pleasurable experience since the beginning of mankind. We all want it, dream of it and look for it. But while having sex who feels more pleasure male or female? 

Pleasure is a very subjective thing and both men and women have their unique ways to experience and perceive sex but who gets the most pleasure out of sex- is still a great mystery! Men have twice the sex drive but females can have multiple orgasms – so who is the ultimate winner in the game of lovemaking? Let’s find it out!

Men & women not only differ in biology but they also have different psychology and physiology. As a result, these two genders experience and handle various situations in different ways. To figure out who feels more pleasure during male-female sex, we need to point out the differences in their way of thinking, feeling & experiencing sex. We need to identify and analyze how both sexes approach, perceive and experience sex & to do so we’ll need to compare men’s and women’s;

  • Sexual activeness
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Pain sensitivity
  • Attractiveness
  • Thinking & feeling pattern
  • Sexual approach and sensitivity

My wife and i tested and found amazing things  In this article, we are going to discuss all the above-mentioned points from the perspective of both males and females to understand their pleasure factor. But before that, let’s learn how every individual experiences the whole process of sexual intercourse.

Sexual Response Cycle

To achieve sexual arousal our body and mind go through a few physical and emotional phases, which are known as Sexual Response Cycle. The sexual response cycle has many models but the most popular one is Masters and Johnson’s model. Sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson identified these phases into four distinct categories in the 1960s, 

Their sexual response cycle has four phases:

  • Desire or Excitement
  • Arousal or Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

Men and women experience different changes during these phases. Understanding these differences may help the partner to learn more about each other’s body, pleasure, and excitement.

Female Sexual Response Cycle scaled
Male Sexual Response Cycle

Phase 1: Desire or Excitement

In the desire phase, men and women both experience feelings of desire to engage in sexual activities. This phase is also known as the excitement phase. During this phase, a person experiences the following signs and symptoms:

  • Increased muscle tension
  • Increased heart rate
  • Quick breathing
  • Flushed skin
  • Hard nipples
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased blood flow to the genitals
  • Genital lubrication
  • For women swollen vagina and breasts
  • For men swollen testicles and tightened scrotum etc. 

Phase 2: Arousal or Plateau

The plateau stage is also called the phase of arousal where both genders experience sexual arousal. This is the phase before orgasm. The symptoms of this phase are:

  • All the physical and emotional characteristics of the first phase get heightened
  • May experience muscle cramps at face, hands, and feet
  • For women, the clitoris becomes highly sensitive
  • The vaginal wall turns dark purple due to increased blood flow
  • Male testicles tighten and may retract to the scrotum

Phase 3: Orgasm 

This phase is also known as the climax. This is the shortest among all the phases that last only for a few seconds. The physical characteristics of this phase are:

  • Both gender experience involuntary muscle contractions
  • Increased feet muscle spasms
  • A rash-like sex flash may appear
  • Female uterus and vaginal muscle contract
  • Men experience rhythmic and repeated contractions at the base of the penis that leads to ejaculation of semen
  • Both experience a sudden release of sexual tension

Phase 4: Resolution

This is the last phase of the sexual response cycle. During the resolution phase, the body functioning slowly goes back to the normal, pre-aroused state. A person may feel happy or tired and fatigued. 

However, from here a woman can return to the orgasmic stage within minutes with genital stimulation. That’s why women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. But men need more time to get back on the game. This orgasm gap is known as the recovery time or refractory period. 

The male refractory period varies from man to man. While some men may need a couple of minutes, some may require days to get aroused again. Factors like frequency of sexual activities, age, etc. play roles in determining male recovery time. Also, when a man faces any problem in achieving or experiencing any of these phases naturally, he might be suffering from sexual dysfunction. 

Though these are the basic stages of sexual pleasure, sexual pleasure itself doesn’t rely solely on orgasm or ejaculation. The idea and encounter of pleasurable sexual experiences vary from person to person. 

Now let’s find out the most common differences between a male and a female regarding sexual pleasure!

Who is more sexually active - male or female?

Both male and female have their ways of approaching sex, the way a man or a woman explores their sexuality is highly dependent on their social upbringing and their ideas about sex. Even so, we have a few things to go through to get a perspective on who is sexually more active, male or female? 

Sex drive: Male

Surely, the male drive is stronger and It is a common perception that men are more interested in sex, they can be easily persuaded into sex and very often we get the impression that men are more like a sex-obsessed animal who’s always ready to get it up and start humping like a hamster!

But the truth is even if all the men are not sex maniacs, they do like to have the experience more often in their lives and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Study shows that younger men under the age of 60 think about sex at least once a day. On the other hand, only one-quarter of women say that they think about sex in such a frequency. 

Researchers of Florida State University have found in their survey that men reported having more spontaneous arousals and varied sexual fantasies compared to women. Another study says that men initiate sex more than three times as often as women. After all, the male body normally produces 20 times more testosterone than the female and If we look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, primitive men had to have a strong sex drive to survive and fight for their mates. So, it’s only natural for men to be more enthusiastic about sex.

Sex drive: Female

But all of that doesn’t mean that the women are apathetic, it’s just that they perceive sexuality from a different perspective. The truth is that both male and the female can be equally passionate and active about sex but the way our society is set up it’s a bit harder for women get into the mood in a snap. 

Women’s sexuality is much more complex and depends on a lot of factors, as they are the one who has to get pregnant it’s much more hassle for a woman to get into frequent sexual interactions with random people. As the professor of sociology at the University of Chicago and the lead author of The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States Edward O. Layman puts it “Sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to environment and context.”

So rather than physical attractiveness a woman would be attracted to a person who is more reliable as a partner to raise a child, they will look for emotional connection and responsibility. Much of these calculations are done subconsciously though, so don’t think that every girl is secretly keeping a calculator and a scrapbook to measure your worth! It’s just the way nature has built them; thousands of years of evolution will do that to you.

So even if we can say men are more sexually active we cannot totally judge it just from the surface, human sexuality comes with much more psychological complexity. 

Therefore, now we’ll focus on the emotional differences between men and women. Let’s get started!

Who is more emotional – Male or Female?

Who is more emotional or who has more feelings – male or female? Before answering this question, we must point out one deeply rooted stereotype in almost every society and culture regarding emotional differences in gender that “boys don’t cry”! This stereotype got so entangled with the idea of masculinity that it can often cause harm to the emotional development of men. To decide who is more sensitive- male or female, we need to focus on two things;

  • Emotional experience (feeling the emotion)
  • Emotional expressivity (response or expression towards that emotion)

While both genders can experience intense levels of emotion, the females are more inclined to higher emotional expressivity. Various research suggests that female’s emotional responses are higher and stronger towards negative stimuli than males. Females tend to be more sensitive in perceiving and understanding subtle, ambiguous emotional cues and they are also more sensitive to others’ emotional expressions in real life. 

How a person will respond toward any specific emotion – it’ll depend on a lot of things like his/her psychology, cultural expression, subjective responses, feeling, and behavior, etc. Society’s biased & imposed idea of manliness and masculinity forces men to become less expressive about their emotions.

So there’s no such thing as female emotion vs male emotion, emotional differences between male and female are nonexistent. Male and female – both genders are equally able to feel & understand all kinds of emotional experiences but females have the social advantages to express and voice their emotions more openly than their male counterparts.

 Sexual pleasure is not limited to sexual activeness or emotional expressivity. Rather a person’s ability or limitation to tolerate pain can affect one’s sexual pleasure greatly! Let’s learn more about it. 

Who feels more pain –male or female?

Who feels more pain –male or female? While many think that men can tolerate more pain as they are tougher than women, some believe women are born with pain built-in as they face natural yet painful issues like the menstrual cycle, childbirth, etc. To find out who has more pain receptors, we need to understand how to measure the level of pain as the pain itself is a very subjective matter.

  • Pain threshold – Pain threshold is the minimum level or intensity of a sense, which can now be called or recorded as pain.
  • Pain tolerance – Pain tolerance is the highest level of pain that a person can tolerate.

Also, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered in the perception of pain; such as sociocultural factors, psychological factors, hormones, genetics, age, etc.

Now, who has higher pain tolerance- male or female? Gender does play a role in pain perception as males and females have different mechanisms towards pain sensitivity. Women show higher sensitivity to most forms of pain, they have a lower pain threshold, they have exceptional ability to detect painful sensations and they have lower pain tolerances than men.

While men have a higher pain threshold and have higher pain tolerance than women. The reason for more tolerance can be that the male body releases more beta-endorphins, which is a pain-relieving chemical found in the human body. Men seem less sensitive towards pain mainly because they complain less as they are supposed to appear tough due to their social gender roles. During a research at the State University of New York –men reported less pain in the presence of female experimenters than they did with male experimenters, so the masculine ego plays a role here.

A recent study shows that women feel more pain than men in different diseases. They have more nerve receptors which cause them to feel pain more acutely. For example; an average woman has 34 nerve fibers per square centimeter of facial skin when a man has only 17.

Pain during Intercourse – Male vs Female

Who feels more pain during intercourse – male or female? For both healthy males & females, sexual intercourse should not be painful at all. Especially for men, penetrative sex is never painful if he’s in proper health. 

For healthy females, sex can be painful sometimes due to dryness of the vagina which can be caused by hormonal changes. Also during penetrative sex, if the penis is too big it’ll cause pain. Or simply if you perform sex after a long period, it might feel uncomfortable or painful. About 75% of women report experiencing sexual pain during intercourse at some point in their lives. 

But for both males and females – unless there are any physical conditions or diseases involved – sex should not be painful at all. Rather it should bring pleasure.

Pleasure in Pain?

Now that we’ve examined gender and pain, let’s explore pleasure in pain as this article is mainly about pleasure in different genders. While most people try to avoid all kinds of pain, some like to combine pain with sexual pleasure. Tendencies like sadism, masochism, or sadomasochism –are quite popular these days.

  • SadismSadism is a tendency to get sexual pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on other people. The person who exercises these behaviors is known as a sadist.
  • MasochismA masochistic person gets sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on himself or herself.
  • SadomasochismA sexual tendency that involves both inflicting and experiencing pain or both sadism and masochism.

As these tendencies are quite trendy and popular now due to movies like- Fifty Shades of Grey, Secretary, The Piano Teacher – It’s quite tough to determine which gender favors these tendencies more. Also, both genders have their individual and unique ways to express violence, tolerate pain, and vice versa. So it’s better to not choose any side on this topic right away.

Let’s learn more about the preferences of each gender!

Which parts of male body attract the most?


While choosing a male partner, women usually claim to overlook physical appearances and focus more on personality and romantic connection. This is not all true! Though attractive personality obviously matters, physical attractiveness is also needed to get the girl one likes. There are various polls, researches, studies on the most attractive body parts of males according to females. After comparing different peer-reviewed studies we’ve gathered the list (without any specific order) of most attractive male body parts reported by women.

  1.       Shoulders: Wide and defined shoulders are one of the first things most women notice in a guy. This is the vastly reported most attractive male feature among all. It’s not like women love to date gym freaks but broad and strong shoulders are indications of men’s physical strength which must play a vital role in choosing one’s partner.
  2.       Back: Women love to stare at men’s broad back when no one’s looking. Aren’t so different from men, are they? Women love to touch & feel their partner’s broad and V-shaped back as a strongly built upper body is a sign of strength and masculinity. 
  3.       Beautiful Buttocks: Yes, both genders broadly love this body feature. Women do find round and buff butts attractive on dudes, It’s both cute and offers something to grab on!
  4.       Facial Hair: Women love the heavy yet clean beards on their men more than they love cleanly shaved faces. The right amount of facial hair does give one the perfect attractive and manly look.
  5.       Eyes: Large sparkly and dreamy eyes are always a woman’s favorite. There’s a saying that eyes never lie and women love to understand how the other one is feeling through eye contact.
  6.       Smile & Lips: Beautiful smiles and soft lips are a major turn-on for women. Some like rough lips too but soft lips are an indicator that the guy got hydrated and healthy skin. And also natural luscious lips are amazing to kiss.
  7.       Penis: Lots of women said that a nicely groomed & clean groin is a definite winner. Women love penis but the size isn’t a big deal for them. Somewhere between not so small and not so big is a size that women prefer. Women also love penis with consistent color and nice smell.
  8.       Strong Arms: Strong arms of men indicate their strength and women feel secure & protected with strong men in general. Women feel attracted to men’s biceps as it shows that these strong arms can carry them and protect them when necessary.
  9.       Chest: Women love to lay their heads on men’s chest. Also, a lot of women love to touch, kiss, and lick their partner’s chest as a sculpted chest drives them crazy.
  10.   Defined abs: Most women reported a nice set of abs as the most attractive male features on men. The abs don’t necessarily have to be hard but well-defined abs and a flat stomach goes a long way to attract the woman of your dreams!
  11.   Hands: Women love to hold hands and a man’s hands say a lot about him. Big hands refer to masculinity and clean hands say a lot about men’s nature, self-maintenance, and way of life.

Now, let’s check out the preferences of the females!

Which part of the female body attracts the most?


The female body is without any question the epitome of beauty and desire. If we had to give you a specific answer for which part of the female body attracts the most we might just say EVERY BIT OF IT! But let us try to elaborate on this. We all have a general idea about it but interestingly, there is much more to a woman’s body to her partner than just cleavage and the butt. Here’s a list of the most attractive body parts of a woman’s body.

Face: The face is one of the most attractive and expressive parts of a woman’s body. If you ever wonder what body part do guys notice first in women? It’s the face! A good-looking face comes first to any man. In fact, there have been many surveys that show that on average the most attractive female feature is the face. 

Researchers have found that a neural region called the orbitofrontal cortex which is related to arousal is more active in men when they are shown attractive female faces. In men, attractive female faces inspire stronger arousal-related electroencephalographic activation than unattractive ones, while a similar effect is not observed in women. So, for men, a pretty face will do enough to get things started!

Ankles/Feet: Have you ever seen a Quintin Tarantino film; one thing Tarantino has always reminded us that is the sensuousness of female feet. And we agree! The feet are not generally recognized as “sexy” but it’s a real shocker that a woman’s feet can be a real turn-on for most of the guys out there. Some men are absolutely obsessed with the feet. Seeing a woman in heels with beautifully polished nails, small slim ankles can really spark a fire for him in the bedroom.

Back: A woman’s back might not be one of those highly fetishized parts of the female body but it is really important. Now and then we see celebrities looking gorgeous on sensual backless dresses which certainly indicates the allure factor of the feminine back’s beauty. The back and the hips are the first spots where guys like to put their hands on when things start to get a little intimate.

Stomach: The stomach is another highly desirable area of the female body, on almost every survey guys never forget to list it on the top of their favorites. Men like the softness of the skin and the torso area and mostly the navel. Navel pricing sometimes can add an extra turn-on. Guys say they love to have their ladies to have some abs definition but not too much, some guys on the other hand are drawn to ladies with some feminine curve. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Hair: You will be surprised to know that according to various surveys done on heterosexual men, the attractiveness of a woman’s hair ranks higher than her breasts! Almost no man can deny the heartbeat they get when they see their partners’ beautiful hair. 

Also, the hair is capable of storing beautiful fragrance, as our skin releases pheromones, it is believed that the hair stores a lot of it, although there is no scientific evidence. Nevertheless, the hair plays a very important role in the attraction game and it’s better to take good care of them.

Vagina: Now we all know how precious the “holiest of the holies”, there’s no single man who can deny the beauty of this gorgeous-female special place. It’s the center of sexuality and eroticism and men are crazy for it, groomed or not it’s the most mysterious, cherished, and fantasized sexual organ and all women know about it. 

Putting all the fandom aside, it’s really important to keep it in good hygiene so that when the opportunity arises both of them celebrate ‘her’ to the fullest.

Breasts: Breasts are one of the most sexualized and fantasized parts of women, and they come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how they look or what size they are, guys are always up for them. It’s also a very important erogenous zone of the female body. 

Although there are a huge debate and controversy about female breast enhancement surgery it’s safe to say that it’s all a matter of perspective and individual preference. There are many products out there to naturally increase the firmness and the of the breast or increase the size but that’s not all that important when it comes to sex. Breasts and the nipples are the ultimate turn-ons for guys and they play an important part in foreplay.

Butt: If we are going to talk about the stereotypes, there are two types of guys; boobs man, and ass man! If you are gifted with any one of those you are just on the top of their hotness list without any doubt. The butt is a really attractive part and guys enjoy every bit of it. It’s common for guys to turn their heads towards a woman with an attractive butt. 

According to surveys, the butt ranks on the top three of most attractive female body parts. So, ladies, don’t forget to pay attention to your butts because it’s enough to make a guy hot under the collar with your killer catwalk.

Eyes: Even if we wrote about the face earlier in this section and eyes are part of the face, it’s so much an important part of the female attractiveness that we need to point it out. A woman’s eyes are all she needs to make a guy skip a heartbeat. 

Keeping all the physicality aside, eyes play a much profound psychological role in love-making. Through the eyes, we connect through the other person and share a lot of our emotions just by a glance. Therefore, the eye ranks at the top of our list as the most attractive part of the female body as eyes convey psychological pleasure. 

last but not least the neck, arms, armpits, legs, ear, and earlobes are also considered very attractive by many men and these are also highly fetishized parts of the female body, as we have mentioned before it varies from person to person so it’s best to say that when it comes to a women’s physical beauty there’s probably nothing a man can’t appreciate. 

However, now let’s learn how a man usually thinks and feels and which factors influence his psychological patterns and behaviors.

How a man thinks and feels?

Men are tough, men are strong, they don’t feel much, not emotional at all, they don’t cry and they are obsessed with sex-these are some of the common conditioning imposed on men and most of the civilized cultures believe these stereotypes blindly. But what is the reality?

There are some really fascinating emotional differences between men and women. Like their female counterparts, men have a lot more to them than meets the eye. First of all, men are equally emotionally capable like women and it’s true for all of them. Surely their ways of expression are different. A musician cannot express his art like the painter; as the painter cannot express like the musician. Men express their emotions differently than women.

Freewill VS Nature

Earlier we talked about how a woman’s sexual activity is influenced by society and her surroundings. In men’s case, it’s their emotions that are being conditioned by the world around them. Yet biologically men are designed to approach the whole sex thing in a certain way. From an evolutionary standpoint, men’s core drive is to spread their seed. As he’s got a lot of them. 

This trait of men lies deep within his genetic makeup and this influences his psychology as well. Therefore, men are more straightforward when it comes to sex. They are not looking for a deep emotional connection because the act of sex is the connection for them.

Again from women’s evolutionary ground, they are the ones who are going to bear the child and all the hassle with or without the father. So, they always focus on getting the best genes, and therefore they need to consider a lot of things that make them the way they are. 

But men don’t need to worry about all that therefore they tend to be more enthusiastic about sex and anything related to it. That’s why the male sex drive is considerably stronger than the female. This genetic trait also influences men to prioritize physical attractiveness. As it was important for primitive men to choose a healthy partner for successful mating, men developed a visual way of judging the suitable mate as the beauty more or less equals good health thus good mate for procreation and continuity of the species. 

This pattern still remains in the brain of men and the dopamine rush starts whenever they see women they find beautiful. In a way it’s cute, isn’t it? That’s why the porn industry is earning billions! They definitely owe a lot to this evolutionary biology.

Reality check!

Now keeping all the unromantic evolution aside men are really emotional beings. They want to love and be loved. They can be extremely caring to women they love and they will try to protect them in their ways. In the bedroom men want the lights to be turned on as they vigorously enjoy the physical beauty of their sexual partner, it’s a huge turn-on for them. 

Most men equate their manhood in bed with their penis. It’s the most important sexual organ they have and they really enjoy the attention there. Men who have reported problems with erectile dysfunction are often found to have insecurities about their penis size or their performance or duration. But in many of the cases, it starts from their partners not paying enough attention to their penis.

To men, the size does matter! Men feel obliged to give his partner orgasm if he really cares about her. But sometimes it can create sexual performance anxiety leading up to the quick release of sperm. This is one of the most common pleasure blocks in men. But the good news is that all of these issues are curable with a little understanding, love, and sharing. Men also love to have sex. As we have mentioned earlier, it’s a way for them to feel the connection and physical pleasure at the same instant they are comparatively more enthusiastic about it. 

Male orgasm

male orgasm

Research also shows that men with different sexual orientations, for instance; gay men have more sex than lesbians. Sex is an exciting game for men. But in general men’s sexual energy is easily released through orgasms. After each orgasm, almost all men experience a natural refractory period and can’t have sex for a certain time. While women can have multiple intense orgasms at a stretch.

Interestingly, the frequency of orgasm in males doesn’t have to be limited. Men can train themselves to have multiple orgasms without ejaculation by doing practices like tantric sex. Also, the prostate is considered as the male g-spot. Continued stimulation in the perineum or direct stimulation in the prostate during sex can help men to experience multiple orgasms.

But it needs a real dedication to learning it. Although men are thought to be extremely polygamous sexually, in reality, men also care for a meaningful relationship and they can commit to it without much calculation, they can fall in love more quickly too but it all depends on the individual and various other factors.

Hopefully, you got the answers to your questions. Now let’s check out how a woman thinks and feels!

How a woman thinks and feels?

We all know that women have a lower sex drive than men. Women perceive sex as the deepest form of love yet sex won’t be appealing to them until they feel desired by their partner. In a relationship, women focus more on having a connection and understanding with their partner than just sex. Women think less about sex than men and they also talk less about it due to socio-cultural norms and upbringings. So, does it mean women don’t want sex?

No, it means the way women experience and express their sexuality– it’s very different from men. Women are more into romantic connection, but the act of sex mainly starts to happen in their minds! Thinking about their partner, foreplay, imagining about sexual intercourse, fascinating about all the little details –turn on women. 

Women need to be desired by their men to get an arousal, men want to be desired by their partner too but for women, this works differently. Just by imagining how her partner reacted or will react to her beauty or appearance – she can feel horny. Female pleasure research refers that women mostly want to have sex after they find a reason to do it. The reason can be anything but mostly it’s either emotional or romantic.

Now here is another truth bomb for you – to women “size doesn’t matter!’ Yes, you’re reading right! Most women just don’t care about their partner’s penis size if the connection is there or if the sex (performance) is good. To be specific women mostly like a penis –that is not too big or too small, quite thick, and has an acceptable color and scent! They are not so picky about it, are they?

Female orgasm

female orgasm

Now when we are talking about how a woman thinks & feels, we all want to know what is an orgasm for a woman and how it feels like. You’ll be surprised to know female orgasm is actually quite similar to male orgasm. A female orgasm includes all the same symptoms like an increase in blood flow & heartbeat, muscle contractions, and faster breathing. When an orgasm takes place in a female body both vagina and uterus contract along with the abdominal and feet.

Most women describe orgasm as an intense sex wave or rush of energy or a pulse of electricity– that starts from the center of the vagina and move through the whole body (head to toe); this intense energy builds up and ends with forceful waves of pleasure which results in a sort of physical relief or ejaculation. 70%-80% of female orgasms conclude with an ejaculation of whitish thick fluid from the urethral, this fluid has similar components as semen. So the ejaculatory characteristics are quite similar in both genders. 

The only two things that differ in female orgasm are; 

  1. Duration, 
  2. Recovery time or refractory period

Female orgasm typically stays on average from 13-51 seconds, while male orgasm lasts for around 10-30 seconds.

About the refractory phase, a healthy female can experience orgasm more than once at a single time if she gets the right stimulation but after a single orgasm, a man might need minutes to days to experience another orgasm.

Unlike men, women have multiple gateways to experience an orgasm-genitals aren’t their only option! A healthy, matured woman can have:

  •       Clitoral orgasm
  •       Vaginal orgasm
  •       Cervical orgasm
  •       Nipple orgasm
  •       G-spot orgasm
  •       Orgasm through anal intercourse and maybe more!

There are also many erogenous zones in a female body that have concentrated nerve endings and the right amount of stimulation in these sensitive regions can cause extreme sexual pleasure similar to an orgasm. In the female body, some of the erogenous zones are – ears, neck, armpits, lower back, stomach, butt, back of the knee, etc. Stimulation in these sensitive regions can make your sexual experience more intense.

How a sexually satisfied women think of sex?

Sexual satisfaction is compulsory for connecting, and romantic relationships. Sexual satisfaction of a woman is interrelated with various factors like age, physical & mental health, quality of life, connection with the partner, etc. Though women have lower sexual drive, a sexually satisfied woman can match her sexual desires and games to her partner nearly. But it’s quite tough to understand if your female partner is satisfied in bed as women in common tend to shy away to voice their sexual urges and needs. So how can one find out the truth?

To give your female partner sexual satisfaction you need to keep these three things in your mind;

  1. she needs to feel desired
  2. she needs to enjoy the sexual foreplay
  3. she needs an orgasm (of any kind!)

Now the science of the first two options depends on personal experience, tastes, and algorithms but the third option is kind of universal. But how will you become certain that your female partner had an orgasm for sure, as we all know a lot of women fake orgasms (especially to not hurt his feelings and to end the sex)? Don’t you worry! We will help you to recognize women’s climax signs.

Signs she came

  • Tighter vaginal contraction
  • Tensed body and clenching
  •  Dilated pupil with an unfocused look or closed eye in last moments
  • Very fast heartbeats & hyperventilation (which gets slower after the climax)
  •  Sex flash and post-coital glow
  • Unusual facial expressions
  • Moan or scream
  • Arched back and curled toes
  • Squirt

These are the most noted and loud climax signs of women. Just before climax a man or a woman can experience a stage called a sexual trance. The synchronized and rhythmic pattern of sexual pleasure can make this happen. 

What happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied?

If a heterosexual woman is not sexually satisfied in a committed relationship, mostly she tends to avoid participating in sexually-stimulating activity with her partner. She’ll not respond to your sexual cues or will mostly say she’s not in the mood, she might fascinate about other couple’s sexual life or maybe she’ll start self-stimulations, she’ll go to bed at a different time and she’ll not look happy after the intercourse – these are the signs your woman is not satisfied sexually.

For some women, sex is more about having the connection and understanding and less about the climax and some women only want an orgasm in sex. Since you want to satisfy your lady – talk to her openly with love and care and figure out the possible solutions. For issues like erectile dysfunction or lower sex stamina use natural and herbal-based products. We would recommend natural male enhancement pills like:

Vigrx Plus or Extenze 

To learn more about male enhancement pills you can read Best Male Enhancement Pills on the Market!

If you think your female partner is not sexually satisfied then keep reading on!

How to make a woman feel good in bed?

Since most cultures avoided and still avoid exploring the female body and vagina, there’s a huge gap in the understanding of feminine pleasure. When a man tries to make his female partner happy in bed, he performs the acts that he finds pleasurable. Because almost all men and most women have absolutely no idea about what women want in bed due to the sociocultural banning on female pleasure.

Generally, women care more about the understanding and connection in a relationship rather than sex, and their sexual desires and approaches also vastly depend on the sociocultural conditions, circumstances, and surroundings. Women can also control their sexual urges & desires far more than men and they have half the sexual drive than men. So to make a woman feel good in bed or find out the pleasurable things to do (according to her) seems like a tough job. 

On top of that sexual pleasure is a very subjective business, every person has different ways to explore this subject matter. Usually, for a woman sex is the deepest form of love while for a man it’s quite casual. Overall, this might take some time and practice to make your woman feel good in bed but here are some best tips about the most pleasurable things to do to a woman…

  •       Attention is the key: Give your full attention to her. Make sure that she’s not occupied with any other work or she’s not in a hurry. Make her feel comfortable, give her time to feel well-rested. Initiate it when she’s ready and prepared to have fun. Also, check if she is into it voluntarily; as many women think of sex as their duty towards their partners.
  •       Go slow and be gentle: Never rush it. Make the whole process enjoyable for her. Give your sexual foreplay a proper time. Do the things she prefers and responds to. Don’t get too destructive or act too hungry all of a sudden. Women love men who know their A game. Build up to the act. Act gently when you’re down there as places like nipples and vagina have lots of nerve endings, playing rough there will cause her more pain than pleasure!
  •       Make her cum: In every 100 women only 25% get a vaginal orgasm, the rest either never experienced one or get it from self-stimulation. Though there are multiple ways for a woman to experience orgasm, they rarely get an orgasm at all. So if you want to make her feel good in bed, give her climax. According to various researches, most women experience orgasm in oral sex. Give her a great clit massage with your tongue or a light massage with your fingertips to make her cum. Make sure to use some clit lube for better performance and pleasure.
  •       Ask her: Simply ask her what she likes and dislikes. If you want to try out something new, ask if she’s okay with it. Ask with love and care about her sexual desires and fantasies. She’ll tell you everything once she feels your intention is pure. If she’s shy, ask for her feedback during sex as she won’t be able to hide it then.
  •       Check the weather: Don’t rush into penetrative sex once you think she’s ready! If you feel she’s ready, gently check down there if she’s wet. If she’s dry and you engage in penetration, she’ll feel pain. IF she’s ready to do it yet still dry after long and engaging foreplay, use a vaginal lube to get it going. Women can face vaginal dryness due to hormonal issues, using vaginal lubes can solve these issues immediately. Product link
  •       Try Tantric sex: According to Hindu Spiritual traditions; Tantric sex is a sexual practice that is associated with awareness and connection. Orgasm is not its criteria, rather it focuses on synchronized breathing, eye contact, sensual touches while having intercourse to make and feel a deeper connection (and better sexual contact)  with your partner.
  •       Use toys: Statistics say using toys on your female partners to give her pleasure – makes her open up more and enjoy sex more than other women. To spice up your bed games try out an external vibrator or clit stimulator to make her horny for you.
  •       Foreplay: If you want to give your woman pleasure, never skip foreplay. Remember for women sex is all about love, connection, and desiring her. A good time and type of foreplay will reassure her about your sincerity and interest in her. To give and receive a good time in bed a male must pay attention to the physical signs of female arousal. If you’re not good at it, get educated and start practicing now!
  •       Focus on sensitive places: If you want to make her feel good in bed simply play with her erogenous zones. A man must learn which part of the female body is most sensitive to make things magical. A few sensational touches or some romantic kisses and tickles in her erogenous zones (like ears, neck, armpits, lower back, stomach, belly button, inner thighs, butt, back of the knee, feet, etc.) will give her similar pleasure like an orgasm. Mix and match these acts with intercourse to create an ultimate combo altogether.

Now, if you are a woman and looking for ways to turn on your men, the following tips and tactics can help you.

How to drive a man crazy in bed?

Every woman wants to know the deepest and darkest sexual desires of his man. While there are a lot of differences between men and women sexually, we already know that men are naturally designed to have stronger sex drives than women. This refers they think more about sex, they seek sex more often and they want it more than women. So, it’s really easier for women to turn on their male partners and drive them crazy as they are already naturally designed sex machines (in comparison to women). Men are mostly stimulated visually, so along with all the tricks learning how to make the female body attractive to the male will definitely come in handy.

To drive your man crazy in bed, you don’t have to get wild or do anything extravagant, rather a few little tricks and a little effort can go a long way to make your man crazy for you. So let’s find out what are the most pleasurable things to do to a man;

  1.       Play with his erogenous zones: Every human body has several erogenous zones, right stimulation in these regions can cause pleasure, relief, sexual sensation, and a better level of arousal. These erogenous areas are rich with nerve endings as a result a little touch or pleasurable sensations causes great reactions! Some well-known erogenous zones in the male body are:
  •       Scalp
  •       Lips
  •       Nipples
  •       Abdomen
  •       Scrotum
  •       Ears
  •       tongue
  •       Nape of neck
  •       Lower back
  •       Hands
  •       Penis
  •       Inner wrists
  •       Inner thighs
  •       Back of knees

Stimulation in these specific pleasure points of the body is often more pleasurable for men. If you want him to want you more without giving any direct hint – give him a relaxing head massage, touch his abdomen or neck gently with your fingertips or simply kiss lightly on the back of his wrists. these will turn him on and he’ll ask for more.

  1.       Whisper: Focus on his ears and earlobes. Whisper something like “I want you now” or something romantic which will make him look forward to what’s coming and a little lick and kiss in his ear lobes will make him all aroused.
  2.       Be in charge: Take the control away from him. While having sex, be vocal, get loud, and tell him what you want him to you and what you want to do to him. Give him a valid reason to want ‘you’ more. Try out new sexual positions and be the navigator!
  3.       Touch Yourself: You don’t have to masturbate in front of him but if you touch your breasts while kissing him or pull your hair or touch your inner thigh in front of him –these will definitely turn him on instantly. Little moan, humming, or even silent touches and direct eye contact while touching yourself – will make him get horny.
  4.       Start the play: Initiate the foreplay and take it to sex. Men love it when their partners want sex more than them. It makes a man feel more desired and wanted. Also, show off your moves and your confidence!
  5.       Dirty talking: No matter how well-mannered you are; everyone likes to talk dirty in bed once in a while. Few dirty words and a few bold lines are more than enough to turn him on. You can go wild with the slang if you want but don’t get too rude or mean.
  6.       Blowjobs: If men were fish, blowjobs would be their bait. Men love blowjobs. A nice, playful one or an intense one –whichever your man prefers, keep this on his bed menu sometime so that he looks up to his bedtime playmate! If you are not interested in any other points on the list, simply try this one and he’d fall for it every time.
  7.       Appreciate him: Show him that you love and appreciate him and the things he does for you. A relationship is not only about sex but if the other factors (like; loyalty, understanding, love, appreciation, respect, etc.) are positive then the sex can get fantastic too.
  8.       Desire him: Cook or order the things that he likes to eat, surprise him with little things he loves (like watch his favorite movie or get him things he likes), talk about his favorite things – these lovely gestures will make him realize that you cherish him and his company. He will feel more desired and loved in that way and will want to do the same for you.
  9.   Role-play: Sometimes a little role-play during sex can make things really interesting. Choose roles from your favorite movies or books or just become an imaginary one to make things juicer. During foreplay make yourself unavailable so that he chases you & fancies you. Play interesting sex games or play naughty characters to warm up the whole act of sex.

Also, male sexual pleasure can vary depending on unprotected and condom-protected vaginal intercourse. According to studies, men feel more pleasure in unprotected intercourse rather than condom-protected intercourse. But to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STIs, we’d suggest using female condoms. Participants in a focus group found sex to be more pleasurable with an internal condom than an actual condom. 

All Things Considered

My wife and I tested these issues and understand Though both genders perceive and experience sex differently. nature has equipped them equally to enjoy sex and sexual activities. Yes, men want sex more than women and they are always in for casual sex. But women are also capable of experiencing sexual pleasure more intensely than men as females possess more nerve receptors. Many may think women enjoy sex more as they can experience multiple orgasms, but according to recent findings men are also capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. So this argument ends here. 

Though many factors can affect a person’s ability to enjoy and perceive sexual pleasure, all of our findings lead us to the fact that both ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ are capable of experiencing sexual pleasure equally. 

Also, aspects like open communication, relaxation during sex, understanding, and acceptance of each other’s desires, and willingness to try out new things- can increase a person’s sexual pleasure profoundly. 

Frequently asked questions

Who gets more pleasure from sex?

Though men and women have their emotional and biological differences and preferences, both genders enjoy sex equivalently. Both experience multiple orgasms and both have multiple erogenous zones. Though men are more sexually active, women are more physically sensitive -which balances these two differences. Also, though males require more time to recover after an orgasm, only 8% of females experience orgasms from vaginal sex. While about 95% of men experience orgasms from vaginal sex. 

So, after going through all the calculations, we agreed on the fact that both men and women experience sexual pleasure equally. 

How to pleasure a man sexually?

To increase a man’s sexual pleasure you can try out the following tips:

  • Play with his perineum 
  • Focus on his erogenous zones
  • Roleplay (inside and outside the bedroom)
  • Use sex toys 
  • Watch porn during foreplay
  • Maturbate together
  • Forget common sex positions and try new ones
  • Share your wildest sexual fantasies
  • Better intimacy with the partner
  • Use natural sexual enhancement pills or oils

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Are female orgasms more pleasurable than males?

While men can experience penile and prostate orgasms, women can experience a variety of orgasms from vaginal sex, clitoral stimulation, cervical, g-spot, and nipple stimulation, etc. A male orgasm exists for about 3-10 seconds, while a female orgasm can last for 13-51 seconds. 

However, despite all the advantages, female orgasms are equally pleasurable as male orgasms. The scientists found that one gender does not experience better orgasm than the other, as the feelings are pretty much the same. 

Between boys and girls, who feels sexual urges more?

Due to factors like socio-cultural norms, upbringing, restrictions, gender roles, and perspectives -boys are more expressive and upfront about their sexual urges than girls. Men are also more sexually active than women. The fear of getting pregnant and societal norms hinder women from expressing and exploring sex and sexual urges. 

What are the phases of the sexual response cycle?

During sexual arousal, both men and women go through a series of physical and emotional changes, which are called the sexual response cycle. According to Masters and Johnson’s model of the 1960s, the sexual response cycle has 4 phases:

  1. Excitement or desire
  2. Plateau or arousal
  3. Orgasm or climax and
  4. Resolution

How does sex feel different to men and women?

Though both men and women enjoy sexual pleasure equally, their entire experience and perception of sex are different. For instance;

  • Men are more sexually active and upfront about their sexual urges than women
  • Women feel more pleasure in sex when they are emotionally connected with their partner
  • Women’s are physically more sensitive as they have more nerve receptors than men
  • The refractory period or the recovery time after orgasm is different in men and women
  • Female orgasm lasts longer than male orgasms
  • Women require more time to feel sexually aroused than men
  • Females are more into foreplay while most men prioritize only penetration, etc


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James Johnson, PhD

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Maria Johnson, B.Sc.

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