What Are Male Enhancement Pills? Do they work?

What Are Male Enhancement Pills Do Male Enhancement Pills Work

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The Truth About Male Enhancement Pills


Sex is the most prized experience we can have as humans. We value our sexual experience and everything we do is one way or another related to sex. 


We may not admit it but sex has always been a matter of great significance for both men and women. That’s why the media sexualizes things, the porn industry is so huge and the market of sex toys making millions every day.


Men have an innate interest in sex. It is important for every man to have a fulfilling sex life. For that men have been using sexual enhancers for as long as history can recall. From Egyptian Pharaohs to Indian Sultans sexual enhancement has been of great importance.

And there’s always been ways by which men expanded their sexual potential. 


So, The male enhancement culture is not new. The “blue pills” may come in blister packs now but they have been around in various forms throughout ages. 


Nowadays there are thousands of enhancement products in the market and all of them promise to successfully enhance your sexual potency, enable you to reach your maximum erection size, increase your duration in lovemaking, the ability to ejaculate in big amounts and what not! Unfortunately, very few of them do what they actually offer.


But, what are male enhancement pills anyway? Are they good or more importantly, safe? Does using one make you less of a man?  


Keep on reading because we will try to answer all the questions and share all that you need to know about sexual enhancement, all of its perks and penalties.


What is a male enhancement pill?

Generally a male enhancement pill is a specially formulated medicine that can enhance a man’s sexual potency.


In other words, enhancement pills are drugs or supplements that offer to improve a man’s erection, stamina, libido and other sexual functions. 


There are different pills for different kinds of sexual enhancement. Some may give you better erection, some may boost your libido or enhance your stamina in bed. Other than erection pills, there are testosterone pills, pills to increase your semen production and boost your fertility

Mostly, enhancement pills are used as preventive medication for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  

Although by the term “enhancement pill” it may sound like it is a pill that increases the penis size by length or girth. But, that is not quite the case .


The penis can only increase in size through penis enlargement surgery and in some cases by using a penis enlargement device like a penile traction device or penis pump. There is also a large community that considers penile enlargement exercises (our LINK) as the most effective method for penile augmentation. But, it’s needless to say these are all controversial procedures and have a number of potential risks involved. 


But unfortunately, there’s no such pill that can actually increase the size of your erect or flaccid penis. 


So, enhancement or enlargement whatever they say on the label, a pill can only improve your erection quality and give you a noticeably harder erection at best. So, there is no real “penis enlargement supplement” that can actually make your penis larger. 


Which brings us to the commonly asked question…


Why use male enhancement pills? / Male enhancement: is it worth a try?


Enhancing your “sex power” is an exciting idea. But the question is are sexual enhancement supplements really worth it? It depends on where you are in terms of sexual satisfaction. Sex is important. But many times our expectations are a little too unrealistic. It’s not natural to have a 10 inch penis neither the ability to have sex for hours. But, if you think you are unsatisfied with your natural abilities or feel that your sexual health is not the way it used to be you can consider taking enhancement pills. 


Oftentimes, due to health complications, poor food habit, unhealthy lifestyle choices or just over use of pornography can have a negative effect on our natural sexual abilities. 


From lack of proper knowledge about sexuality and our bodies we start to think that there is a problem with us and all kinds of insecurities and worries start to emerge. Suffering from a sexual problem and doing nothing about it only makes things worse. 

So, should you just start popping out pills ? NO! We definitely don’t recommend that. The best approach to fix these issues is to figure out the reasons. So…


Who should take male enhancement pills?


Ask yourself , do you maintain a healthy diet along with a healthy lifestyle ? Do you exercise regularly? Get enough sleep? Is your health at its optimum level ? 


If any of the answers is no you can start working on that part and see what happens. If you are young and healthy chances are you will get your sexual health back to normal within weeks!


But, if you still feel unconfident about your sexual ability and feel a lack of stamina or feel your erection is not hard enough, trying out a good quality enhancement supplement will be a good decision. You can consider taking a male enhancement supplement if you notice ; 


  • A significant loss of natural libido
  • Experience weak erections 
  • Problem maintaining an erection or staying aroused 
  • Premature ejaculation  
  • Notice decreased semen volume

It’s more common for older men to face these health problems but it’s not unusual for younger folks to experience these too. So, in such cases you can consider taking a male enhancement pill.


But, now we come to the question..


Do male enhancement pills work?

There is no doubt that male enhancement pills work. Some of them actually do it real good. But, before deciding the efficacy of an enhancement pill it’s better to be clear about your requirements. 


Like we have said before, no pills can increase the size of the male penis. We just have not discovered the formula yet. Many enhancement medicines sure claim that they will increase your penis size within weeks but most of these products are fake and there is no real evidence or studies to support what they offer.


If you are hoping for real “enlargement” in “enhancement” it may not happen. 


We have an article discussing in detail about the confusion of enhancement pills vs enlargement pills. You can click here to get a better idea. 


However, keeping “enlargement” aside, these enhancement or improvement pills can do a pretty good job if you get the right one. The effectiveness of such a supplement depends on; 


  • the product, 
  • it’s ingredients,
  • dosage and also 
  • the user’s health and

Not all pills are suitable or effective for everyone. If you don’t choose your product carefully it may do more harm than good. 


Thus, we come to the question…


Is it safe to take male enhancement pills?

Well, it’s a little controversial. As we have mentioned earlier, the male health industry is not new. There are thousands of penis pills and products out there and different products work differently. What works perfectly fine for someone may cause some serious issues for others.


So, we must say it strictly depends on the pill and its user too. If you take random “dick pills” there is a high chance of dangerous side effects. Random otc drugs have many risk factors and they can harm your health in a number of ways. Such as :


  • Damaging the urethra
  • Trouble in urinating
  • Penile nerve damage 
  • Damage of the penile tissue 
  • Dangerous drop or increase in blood pressure 

At worst cases, these issues can make your problem bigger and even lead to impotence. 


Even commonly prescribed erection drugs like Viagra may come with negative side effects like ;


  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision 
  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Muscle ache etc.

But, we should say that there are a number of enhancement pills that use safe natural ingredients and have almost no side effects. We will soon elaborate on them.


Considering the safety issues we have categorized male enhancement products into three major categories.


Types of male enhancement products

  1. Prescription Drugs :

These are the medicines that are commonly prescribed by the urologists. Though these are great as an immediate solution they may not be suitable for long term use. 


These drugs are made from chemical synthetic components and come with the risk of several side effects. Pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levita, Stendra are great examples of synthetic pills.


These drugs are for patients who are going through serious impotence issues and you need an authorized doctor’s prescription to get these pills.


2. Random OTC Enhancement products:

This category includes all the random enhancement products that you can get out there. Some of them may do the job. 
Maybe better than any other products, but they can do the opposite as well. Consuming random over the counter pills may do you more harm than good.
Oftentimes their formulas have hidden harmful ingredients and consuming these can lead to impotence and other serious health issues. So, it’s better to do your research before trying out such a product.


3. Natural Enhancement Pills: 

These are the pills that are made from natural ingredients. They may not always give immediate effects like the synthetic drugs but they are great for long term use.
A genuine natural enhancement pill or libido enhancer supplement   has no risk of side effects. Products like VigRX plus, Viasil , Male Extra, and Prosolution are some of the natural enhancement pills that have been on the market for a long time with a great reputation.

So, we can say that in general enhancement pills are not safe. You need to know what you are consuming and pick the right product. If you can manage that, we believe, there is nothing to worry about.

But anyone with a history of  :


  • High blood pressure
  • Unstable angina
  • Heart disease and
  • Congestive heart failure

Should consult their doctor before taking any kind of supplements whether they are natural or not. 


Also, even if you are taking the best natural supplement out there it is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to it. If you notice anything odd stop taking the pill and try something that suits you better. Every individual is different and the ingredients may not respond the same to everyone. 


As per our discussion above, we can all agree that natural male enhancement pills are the best option for getting a stronger erection along with enhanced sexual stamina, virility and performance. 




What are natural male enhancement pills?

Supplements, pills or ointments that are made from herbs or ingredients that are acquired from a plant or any natural source and have the ability to enhance one’s sexual stamina, desire or simply the performance in bed; can be defined as natural male enhancement.


In other words, natural male enhancement pills are sexual health supplements which are not made from any chemical compound produced in a lab. 


Although natural ingredient based pills are safer options, we need to keep in mind that just because something is coming from nature doesn’t make it safe or consumable. 


Not all the natural ingredients are good for you. And some of the natural ingredients are so powerful that if consumed in large amounts it can be fatal. 

Also sometimes, products labeled as “all natural” contain hidden active ingredients which are not natural at all. It’s just another policy for the fraudulent marketers to sell their products.


So, don’t be fooled by the advertisements! 


Male supplements made from natural ingredients should maintain a clinically proven formula, using the right ingredients in right amounts.  


To learn about natural ingredients that are safe to use click here.


What we from bestenhancement.com consider as a proper natural male enhancement pill have the following qualities :


  • A clinically proven formula 
  • Transparency of the ingredients used 
  • A proper dosing plan 
  • Products that are from a trusted brand
  • Products that have a decent user satisfaction history

By judging these criteria’s you can choose your own natural supplements that can actually help you to enhance your sex life. 


Click here to read what our team of researchers considers as the best male enhancement pills on the market.


Although there are some exceptions but generally herbal supplements work slowly and your body gets time to adjust with the ingredients and gradually the sexual reproductive system starts to work better. But what do these pills actually do to enhance your sexual health? Keep on reading ! 


How do natural male enhancement pills work?


There are different types of natural enhancement pills and each pill uses slightly different ingredients. Some work faster, some may take some time.
But the main potential benefit of such a pill is the improvement and regeneration of your sexual reproductive system. Along with that the goal is to increase your libido, improve erection intensity and quality. They can do it in a number of ways.


Primarily, the used ingredients boosts the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a chemical that the body releases in the beginning of a sexual arousal. Nitric oxide is responsible for relaxing the blood vessels. So the increase of  nitric oxide levels ensures more blood flow to the penis. 


Secondly, they elevate your sexual hormone levels and gradually increase your production of testosterone. Testosterone is the most important male hormone. It is also known as the male sex hormone. So higher testosterone levels means higher libido. It helps in boosting your physical performance and activity. 

by improving blood circulation it improves erectile function and cardiovascular health. Needless to say, Improvement of heart health can significantly enhance your stamina. 


So, as a result you get better arousals, better, harder erections, more stamina in bed and a healthy sexual health.


Ultimately a proper supplement not only enhances erections but also improves your overall health condition. 



Do natural male enhancement pills have side effects?


As we have discussed earlier it strictly depends on the pill and its user. Not all the products that say “natural enhancement pill” on the label are really natural and not all the natural aphrodisiac ingredients are safe to use. So before taking any so called “natural remedy” you should carefully check the ingredients and more importantly the manufacturer’s reputation. 


We can confidently say that if you get a genuine product from a well reputed brand and follow the instructed dosage plan there are no chances of side effects.


But, it is always best if you can get the advice of an authorized doctor or urologist before taking any supplements. We highly recommend it if you are already under heavy medication or having chronic health problems. 


You should never forget even though these are dietary supplements, they have medicinal properties and they will push your body to change. If you are already sick there is always a risk of side effects no matter how safe the supplement is. 


Let’s say you have taken all the safety precautions. But…


What is the most effective male enhancement pill?

Over the years a number of natural male enhancement pills have gained popularity among the users as they are effective and have shown no side effects even after long term usage. 


Here’s a list of the top natural male enhancement pills that are clinically proven to work, safe to use and have no reported side effects. 


  1. Vigrx Plus:best natural supplement for erectile dysfunction
  2. Extenze: Best supplement for stamina in bed
  3. Prosolution Plus: Best pill for premature ejaculation
  4. Semenax: Best semen volume pill
  5. Vigrx Fertility Factor 5: Best male fertility supplement
  6. Provacyl: Best supplement for male menopause

All of these are great products but yet we will recommend learning more about them. As different products work differently it’s best if you choose the one that is best for your requirement. 


Some of these pills work faster than others and some are designed for long term use. But let’s say you are using a fast acting pill like Extenze or VigRx Plus. Will they work like viagra or cialis? 


More importantly …


How fast do male enhancement pills work?


Generally, natural enhancement pills do not work like Viagra or Cialis. Which means, they do not start working within an hour after consumption. They are designed for regular consumption. After your body adjusts with the ingredients and your system starts to improve, you are always ready for the action!


Nevertheless, for some people these pills can take effect within a few hours. Pills like extenze have been reported to take action after 3 to 4 hours of consumption and the effect can last for a day. Again, it depends on the pill! 


Usually, it needs 2-6 months of regular consumption to get long term results. It is true for most of the natural enhancement pills. So, the product you choose will determine the effects. 


Even if you are getting these natural pills and they are working effectively, you should not ignore a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle only make you enjoy life a whole lot better and enjoy sex even more. Which leads us to…


How to get the most out of male enhancement pills?

The way we see a proper enhancement supplement is that they are a great support for our sexual health. Our body and health needs a lot of nutrients on a regular basis to perform at its optimum level. 


But due to our hectic lifestyle we are always on the run and most of the time we fail to take care of our body let alone nutrition. Enhancement sure can give you a boost in recovering your sexual health but logically, it won’t last long if you don’t take care of yourself and your body.

Get a Healthy life:

Following a healthy lifestyle is essential for naturally increasing your testosterone and nitric oxide production. Along with a nutritious diet you must get regular exercise, proper sleep and drink sufficient amounts of water. To have a high sex drive and have more sex these are your body’s primary requirement. 

Quit bad habits:

If you have harmful habits like smoking you should quit as soon as possible. Smoking is literally a curse for your sexual health. If you are a smoker and having sexual problems you can rest assured that most of those are happening because of smoking.


Fix relationship issues:

Also, the way you feel about sex and your partner determines your sexual experiences. Being is a complicated relationship can also affect your sex life. Not being able to open up to your partner may cause performance anxiety which in most cases results in sexual dysfunction issues like early orgasm or erectile dysfunction. If you are having trouble in the relationship department pills won’t help you much.


So, we advise you to take a little time and think about all the issues that could be hampering your sex life. Maybe write it down on a piece of paper. After figuring those out you can start fixing them one by one. 


We would like to share a different perspective on enhancement pills. Don’t use them as a dependency, rather use them as a symbol and a reminder for a healthy lifestyle. That’s the best way to look at it and get the most out of your pills. Remember, you are taking these pills because you desire to be better not because you are weak or sexually incompetent.  


Now let’s talk about some important things related to enhancement supplements. And we often get asked…


Are Male Enhancement Pills FDA Approved?

It’s a common misconception that natural dietary supplements require approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration. But, FDA is not authorized to approve enhancement pills for their efficiency. Because under the law – Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, dietary supplements do not require Food and Drug Administration approval. 


The manufacturer of the product is responsible for maintaining the safety and labeling by following the FDA regulations. Most importantly, manufacturers need to make their products in the FDA approved cGMP compliant facility. Also; they need to inform the Food and Drug Administration if they add any new ingredient to the product. 


Now, this makes the situation a little complicated for the consumers as they can easily be fooled by the scammers. Over the counter availability of these supplements makes it more confusing and risky as there are thousands of products. 


Therefore, you should always buy enhancement pills from trusted and reputed brands whose products are clinically proven and manufactured in cGMP compliant facilities. The users need to be aware of what they are buying and should learn to identify good products by themselves.


Considering this issue we have made a list of factors you can check before buying an OTC supplement. 


Which brings us to…


How To Avoid Male Enhancement Scams? 


We have briefly touched on this earlier in this article but let us elaborate on this. To avoid fake male enhancement products you should try to consider the following criterias :

Transparent products with clinical studies, source of ingredients, and Lab tests results


All the top-rated male sexual enhancement pills in the U.S have transparency about used ingredients. As you can easily get male sexual enhancement pills over the counter, you should always check the list of ingredients thoughtfully.


You should also know the benefits of using them. Genuine medical trials must reinforce these data. Each of them has several published clinical studies in leading medical journals of the United States.


Established trusted brands


The male supplement manufacturing companies must maintain standards and a good reputation. For example,companies like Leading Edge Group (Founded in 1986), S H H Limited (Founded in 2005) are genuine and trustworthy.

They have been in the industry for over 10-20 years and they sell millions of products every day. 


No Significant BBB complaints 


The Better Business Bureau or BBB is a platform in the United States where any buyer can complain about any product’s ineffectiveness. If a consumer notices any fact that the maker of the product kept secret, he or she can complain here.


So, it’s best to check the list of BBB complaints of each product before buying something. If a product has many outstanding BBB complaints, then it’s better to approach it with caution.


Products with no cGMP  complaints 


A good product must be produced in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities. Thus, a customer can rest assured that the pill isn’t coming out of someone’s garage!


Be aware of products with fake offers


Plenty of available “dick pills” promote themselves on social media with absurd cheap prices and exciting offers. These cheap items often provide a fake “free trial” recommendation.


They lure consumers to buy 15 to 30 days’ worth of supplements. But they will ask you to pay for the shipping. The idea of the scam is to hook you up with something like “free male enhancement pills!!”. But if you take that, you’ll be signing up for their subscription plan.


Sometimes they suggest extra offers that may appear to be “necessary”  but are fake as well.


But some brands do offer authentic free trial options. In a few cases, companies encourage you to try out their products. But you need to buy them first. Afterward, if you don’t see the benefits you can get your money back.

Avoid products with hidden or harmful ingredients


Random sexual performance enhancement medicines come with a risk of harmful ingredients like Testofen. Many male enhancement pills market Testofen as a proven enhancement ingredient.


In a previous clinical study, Testofen seemed to boost sexual health. But that was an imperfect clinical study. As a result, the makers of this item got sued. Yet many male enhancement supplements in the United States promote Testofen using its previous popularity.


In fact, countless self-appointed “natural male enhancers” contain harmful, and hidden active ingredients like Sildenafil.   

Watch out for fake and expired products


The men’s industry is crowded with a variety of supplements. You can find these almost everywhere! But you should always avoid buying male enhancement supplements from random sellers on Amazon or eBay.


We often see cases where the customers have ended up with fake (of the same name) or expired products. So, always choose the authentic manufacturer’s site to buy these items.


A genuine Money return policy

A decent male enhancement supplement should always come with a genuine money return policy. It shows that the company is confident about its goods. It also indicates they are willing to offer a genuine service. This proves they have the best intentions for their customers.


Proper customer service

Many male stimulation treatments in the United States may advertise a money-back guarantee. But it has no use if their customer service is poor. So, we recommend only the brands that have high-quality customer service. A good brand will allow its clients to query through the phone. This point is indirectly connected with the product. But it’s vital for long term customer satisfaction.


So, there you go this is all that you need to know before buying any male enhancers. 


Now let’s talk about where and how you can get them! We typically get asked …


Can You Buy Penis Enlargement Pills Over the Counter?


Well, yes! These pills do not need any medical prescriptions and you can legally buy them over the counter. Just make sure you are buying a genuine product. Because there are a lot of fake or replica products out there.


To get fresh and authentic pills, always purchase from the company’s official websites. This will help you to avoid purchasing fake or expired products. Also, ordering from official sites will maximize your savings and will help you to avail special offers like free global shipping and original money back guarantee. 




Where to buy the best male enhancement pills on the market?

You can buy them almost everywhere. You can buy all the best male enhancers from the major retailers, such as;

CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, Rite Aid, and even some gas stations. You can get them from Amazon or eBay as well.


But, like we have said before, the best way to get these enhancement pills is to order them from the manufacturer’s original site. 


We have reviewed the best male enhancement pills on the market in 2021. If you want to buy any of those pills from their authentic manufacturer’s website please click here and it will take you to the website links. 


Final Thoughts: Are Male Enhancement Pills Right for You?


It depends how you see the whole concept. It’s needless to say that natural male enhancement is not a quick fix and you will have to make a commitment and stick to a plan to make it beneficial for you. 


We believe that a proper enhancement pill has the potential to improve not just your sex life but also your overall quality of life. But, we also believe, it mainly depends on you and how you choose to improve yourself. 

These things are just tools to support your journey towards a better life. 


However, keeping all the philosophy aside, we suggest you consider all the factors we have discussed here on this article. If you are experiencing sexual problems or wishing to enhance your erections, stamina and libido natural enhancement pills can be a safe option to face it without any side effects. 


So, the choice is all yours and yet if you have any queries feel free to reach out to us. 


Researched and Written By

James Johnson, PhD
James Johnson, PhD

What excites me most about research is the opportunity for the work that I do to make a positive impact on the society. It is thrilling and energizing to know the that my research can help to so many people. I am James Johnson a full time researcher of Cellular & Molecular Biology at Vascugen and founder of Best enhancement. I have been writing on different aspects of sexual and physical health and well-being. I am passionate on researching and studying different male female health conditions, sexual issues and their forefront solutions.

Medically Reviewed By

Dr,Richards NMD
Dr,Richards NMD

Dr, Calvin Richards NMD honorable medical reviewer and consultant at bestenhancement.com he is an experienced naturopathic doctor with a demonstrated history of using integrative medicine to achieve health care goals. Skilled in primary care with robust utilization of conventional medicine and evidence-based natural medicine such as botanicals/herbs, nutrition, and nutraceutical.

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