Best Supplement For Stamina In Bed with Harder Erection 2021

Best Supplement For Stamina In Bed With Stronger Erections

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What is the best supplement for stamina in bed?

Well, there are many fast-acting male enhancers out there that can deliver quick results. But not all of them are good for your health. We think it is best to choose something that is based on natural ingredients and focuses on improving sexual health in the long run. 

But before we jump right into our recommendation let’s have a better understanding of sexual stamina, why it decreases and how to improve it! After that, we will talk about one of the best supplements to help last longer in bed and all the other things you need to know about increasing your sexual performance. 

So, how to last longer in bed?  The answer is simple, by increasing sexual stamina! Men have always desired to enhance their sexual performance.

Throughout history, Aphrodisiacs, sexual energy booster medicines, and treatments have been a common practice for men.

But, why lasting longer in bed is so important for guys? 

According to a survey done by U.S. and Canadian sex therapists; couples spend around 3 to 13 minutes in bed on average during each intercourse. However, different researches reveal that most women want ‘love making’ to last between 15 to 25 minutes! So the pressure to last longer in bed is always there.

Luckily, there are many proven and effective ways for individuals to improve sexual stamina and a scientifically proven male health supplement is one of them. But, before exploring the possible ways to achieve better stamina in bed, let us clarify what we mean by ‘sexual stamina’ in general.

What is sexual stamina?

Stamina means energy or vigor. But when it comes to sex, it indicates how long a man can last in bed during intercourse. It is estimated that an average man can last about 3-6 minutes after penetrating his partner till reaching ejaculation. While an average woman needs a minimum time of 15-20 minutes of penetration to reach a vaginal orgasm during intercourse! As there is a huge gap in orgasm time, most men don’t feel comfortable with their performance as they can’t help their partner reach climax.

Also; most men cannot last long in bed even if they want, due to low sexual endurance. About 40%-70% of men experience some kind of sexual disorders in their lifetime and having low sexual stamina is one of them.

Experiencing this can damage your self-confidence severely. If you continue performing intercourse with poor self-esteem, it can lead to serious problems like:

  •       Erectile dysfunction
  •       Premature ejaculation
  •       Weak erection
  •       Performance anxiety
  •       Depression
  •       Poor self-image etc.

If you are suffering from low sexual endurance for a long period and it’s related to other health issues you better consult a physician. But If the problem is still in the initial stage, keep reading our article to learn about how to increase your sexual stamina.


What causes Loss of sexual stamina?


There are many lifestyles, psychological and physical factors that can cause chronic low sex stamina in men. To cure your health issues; first, you must identify the reason. 

Physical & psychological factors:


Low libido or low testosterone levels

Libido is a person’s drive for sex. If a person has hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) he or she may feel less interested in sex or sex-related activities. Different biological, psychological, and social factors can influence the level of libido.

Different physical diseases or conditions can cause low testosterone in men. This can lead to a low sex drive. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body. This is the main sex hormone in men that influence the masculine behaviors, reproductive system, and reproductive function. 

Thyroid problem or Hypothyroidism

A man with thyroid problems or hypothyroidism can feel less stamina in bed as it reduces the levels of free testosterone in the blood. Also, hypothyroidism is found to be associated with lower levels of sex hormone-binding globulin. Globulin is a protein that carries testosterone throughout the body.

Both of these changes reduce the normal level of testosterone in men. As a result, men with hypothyroidism feel low sex drive and can suffer from erection disorders from time to time.

Sleep disorder or Sleep Apnea

Lack of sleep or sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can cause low testosterone in men. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes an abnormal sleep cycle which leads to low testosterone production. As a result, men can often feel reduced sexual desire accompanied by low energy levels. So if you have any sleeping disorder and still wondering how to get harder erections, get some good sleep!

Anemia or Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency or Anemia poses a risk of erectile dysfunction and can affect general health particularly. If you have anemia, you’ll experience symptoms like weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of concentration, and productivity issues.

Anemia decreases the maximum oxygen absorption and reduces oxygen-carrying capacity. As a result, it decreases one’s performance during sex and ability to exercise. So, make sure there are enough iron-rich foods in your diet.

Severe health issues or diseases

According to sexologists; people with different chronic diseases experience struggle with many challenges in their sex life. For instance;

  •       Cancer
  •       Difficulty to breath
  •       Parkinson’s disease
  •       Diabetes
  •       Rheumatic arthritis
  •       Lupus
  •       Irritable bowel syndrome etc.

The above-mentioned diseases can influence your reproductive function and activities.

A history of testicular, prostate, or sexual problems might cause a lack of sex drive in males, which will impact stamina in bed.

Side effects of certain medications

Side effects of the medications of different chronic diseases are vital reasons for low male stamina. According to the American Cancer Society; many patients who received the treatment for cancer – chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and other medications, faced a noticeable loss of sex drive and experienced fatigue, low energy & weakness even if they are cured of the diseases.

The prescribed medications for diseases like diabetes, rheumatic arthritis, and lupus directly impact reproductive function. Patients with these diseases can experience erection difficulties like; problems getting an erection, problems maintaining an erection, losing erection quickly, poor orgasm quality, etc.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

According to a recent study; men with chronic fatigue syndrome are at a higher risk for Erectile dysfunction. Men who diagnosed with CFS experience symptoms like:

  • Severe tiredness
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Sleeping problem
  • Headache
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep 
  • Reduced ability to perform usual activities due to fatigue etc.


A healthy sex life helps to boost your mood and it’s very important for a happy and loving relationship. Depression or chronic depression can lead to low sex drive. As a result, It can affect your sex life along with daily activities. 

Performance Anxiety 

Performance anxiety is a rather common issue, but it can be as painful as a serious physiological problem. Different causes like biological factors, psychological elements, relationship troubles can cause anxiety that leads to erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.

Also, stress about erectile dysfunction can also escort an endless cycle of ED.

Psychological disorders

Different psychological disorders like personality disorders, borderline personality, nerve disorders, stress can cause a man to experience problems in their sex life.

Also, the side effects of psychological disorders medications like antidepressants can generate erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle based factors:


Excessive caffeine consumption

In a recent study, it was discovered that regular consumption of caffeine can contribute to male sexual performance enhancement. It indicates that caffeine improves erectile function.

However; if you drink more than 400mg of caffeine per day, its elements can lead you to experience fatigue over time. It won’t make you tired immediately but once the body completely metabolizes caffeine, it can make you feel tired and exhausted. This can lead to loss of sex stamina for men.

Alcohol abuse

According to a recent study; alcohol is the drug that affects men’s erection. Researchers also found that men who drink alcohol too much, experience Severe erectile dysfunction and erectile disorders even after giving up alcohol consumption.

Drug abuse

Misuse of illegal drugs is one of the most vital causes of sudden impotence. Drugs like cocaine, speedball, heroine mainly numb the pleasure of sex. These drugs can also reduce your desire for sex over time. Men who use these substances for a long time experience permanent numbness during orgasm. Drug abuse can lead to a sudden loss of erection and impotence. 

Even if you stop consuming these drugs for a long period, still you may experience sexual dysfunction symptoms. Because these drugs or substances cause a permanent effect on your sexuality and reproductive organs.  

Excessive smoking

Several separate studies have proven the detrimental effects of smoking on sexual as well as physical performance. According to a recent study; smoking has a direct and negative effect on men’s sexuality. Smoking not only decreases libido levels but also hampers men’s sexual performance greatly.

Smoking can cause erection disorders even in a 20-year-old young man. Nicotine is highly responsible for reducing sex drive. A study says tobacco can negatively affect fertility both in men and women. It affects the DNA in both female eggs and male sperm.

Women who smoke have less chance to get pregnant than nonsmokers. Also, smokers face menopause and andropause syndromes earlier than nonsmokers.

Lack of physical movement

According to some studies; sufficient physical movement can improve your erectile function and health. Proper physical movement and exercises can boost sex drive significantly. Also; better muscular activity can improve the quality and satisfaction of sex.

Too much physical exercise

Too much exercise can impact your sex drive negatively. According to a recent study; men who spend more time doing hard exercises (like bodybuilding) per week and push themselves too hard – may suffer from low endurance and Mild erectile dysfunction.

Also; too much exercise reduces motivation for sex as it causes fatigue and tiredness. That’s why we would suggest doing freehand exercises and cardio exercises for 30 minutes on your free days of the week. 

Low Carb diet

Low carb diets like ketogenic or keto diets can be harmful to you. The drop of carbohydrates can impact your thyroid level and can cause hormonal imbalance. Low carb diets can cause mood swings and cause flu-like symptoms. As the person doesn’t feel well, it reduces his/her interest in sex.

Also, low-carb diets can increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol that may cause hormonal imbalance. The rise of stress hormones is another big reason for having less interest in sex.

Lack of proper rest

If you feel exhausted all the time you may just need some shut-eye moment in your everyday activities. Not getting enough rest will leave you feeling tired, weak, and irritated. Most importantly, a lack of rest can result in low libido and lead to unsatisfactory performance in bed.

If you are in a stressful job or if you are always busy for long hours without any break, then it might also affect your bedroom performance.

These are the most common and known causes of low sexual endurance in men. Also; heart diseases, kidney & liver problems, diabetes, low blood pressure – can reduce your desire for sex. If you are taking medications for such problems, the side effects of these medications can also make you less active and dizzy.

Now that you know all the possible causes, you must be wondering how to increase sex stamina then? Well, in the following section we’ve enlisted the most effective ways of improving male potency. Let’s check them out!

Best way to increase stamina in bed


Pelvic Floor Exercises

If you are wondering  How to increase stamina in bed naturally, then pelvic floor exercises can be your lifesaver. Pelvic floor exercises are also known as Kegel exercises.

These exercises are the easiest and most effective way to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It is the best natural way to enhance male stamina. Also, these exercises will give you a hard erection naturally. 

Focus on foreplay

Sex is not only about penetration or orgasm, it is also about giving each other the time, appreciation, and love through the language of foreplay. Also, researches show that spending a minimum time in foreplay (kissing, oral sex, hugging, etc.) before penetration reduces performance-related anxiety. 

Indulging in foreplay reduces the chances of premature ejaculation. You can also help each other in masturbating during your foreplay. 

Healthy Lifestyle

The first step to boost sex drive is to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can try out cardiovascular exercises and regular exercises. 

Also, other physical activities like swimming, playing football, or tennis can contribute to improving stamina in bed.

Healthy diets

We often get asked questions like “how to improve sexual endurance easily?” Well, certain simple foods can boost your endurance in bed. Add these specific items into your regular diet if you want to last longer in bed!

Fruits: Apple, Banana, Avocado, Watermelon, Pomegranate Juice

Fishes: Tuna, Wild Salmon

Spices: Ginger, Garlic

Capsaicin rich foods: Chili, Peppers

Protein: Grass-fed beef, Pork, Egg, Quinoa, Kidney beans

Seeds: Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds

Vegetables: Spinach, Asparagus, Beet Roots, Onion

Nuts: Pistachios, Peanuts, Walnuts

Others: Oats, dark chocolate

Dairy Products: milk, greek yogurt, cheese

These foods are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, Potassium, L-Citrulline, Vitamins, Protein, and other essential nutrients. Also, popular ingredients like Ginkgo biloba, Maca roots, Stinging Nettle, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris are commonly used to rejuvenate endurance and performance by increasing your blood circulation, reducing inflammation, reducing stress, and balancing your hormone levels.

Intake of certain Vitamins and Minerals

What vitamins and minerals improve male sexuality? Based on a variety of studies, we’ve reached an agreement that certain nutrient like vitamins and minerals can boost your energy and improve your health;

Vitamin A – orange and yellow fruits, egg, milk.

Zinc – seafood, red meat, pulses, cheese

Magnesium – nuts, brown rice, dark green leafy vegetables

Vitamin C – citrus foods and vegetables

Selenium – brazil nuts, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage

Iron – egg yolk, dry fruits, red meat, green vegetables

The above-mentioned food items can enhance male orgasm & pleasure.

Also; B vitamins. Vitamin E, Calcium, and phosphorus help to enhance male fertility and penile erections.

Avoid bad habits

Harmful habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, not getting enough sleep, drug abuse might affect your energy and performance in bed. Replace your bad habits with healthy ones. Proper sleep, working out, and taking nutritious food are the best ways to increase male libido naturally.

Open communication with partner

No matter how much you try, you can’t enjoy sex unless you’re in sync with your partner. Work on your relationship, let each other know what you want or like in bed. Talking about these beforehand can make bedtime fun smooth and easy. Focus on your partner’s needs and desires and he or she will do the same!

According to studies, couples who are in a long term relationship naturally feel less interested in sex after a certain time. If you are facing such a situation, pay a visit to a dating and relationship consultant (with your partner) to learn how to rekindle sexual desire in a long-term relationship.

Manage chronic health issues

Unnoticed or ignored chronic health issues can also irritate you and make you weak and miserable. Maintain a healthy weight, do proper check-ups. If you feel unwell for a long period, consult a health expert. Persistent sickness or physical illness is one of the common things that affect male fertility.

Consult a doctor

If your reduced sexual stamina is affecting your physical and mental health, you should consult a specialist. The doctor will diagnose your symptoms and will treat them accordingly.

Get rid of Performance Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can kill your sperm and libido. If you feel tense or anxious before intercourse, just relax. If you’re suffering from performance anxiety, it’s time to get to the root of it! Couple counseling, Meditation, Yoga, Sex therapy can be helpful in overcoming sexual performance anxiety. If you are suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, or anxiety – consult your psychologist.

Also; men’s sexual performance pills that are clinically proven can increase your confidence in bed over time.

Prescribed drugs

The following prescribed medicines are known sexual dysfunction treatments that can give you harder erections and improve your performance in bed;







But these drugs contain chemical components like sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil, etc. which can cause major side effects.

For example, Sildenafil is a common ingredient used in pills like Revatio or Viagra that is proven to affect male sexuality negatively.

According to Healthline, these ED drugs offer side effects like;




Vision change


Sore head

Muscle ache etc.

Also, many medicines contain hidden drug ingredients, so always check the elements and their side effects before buying any medication. We would suggest you to choose natural ingredients based pills with no side effects to avoid any unwanted health issues.

Male Performance Supplements

Male enhancement supplements are specially formulated to enhance male size and performance in bed. These pills mostly contain natural ingredients that help to achieve the desired results.

The positive aspect of natural male health supplements is; the good ones come with no reported side effects. As these pills are natural formula based you can buy them over the counter without any prescriptions. Also; the male enhancement pills which are manufactured by reputed companies – undergo clinical studies and trials to prove their effectiveness publicly.

All the mentioned points are known for providing better endurance in bed. But the required time and outcome may vary upon given solutions.

Best supplement for stamina in bed that are proven to work

Though all the mentioned preventions and cures are effective, in today’s busy life it’s quite difficult to manage 2/3 hours of extra time to prepare homemade healthy meals & perform lengthy physical exercises. As we all know changing an existing lifestyle is much harder than it sounds. Also, following these healthy procedures require a lot of persistence, dedication & physical energy.

Therefore; most men choose the easiest option – oral supplements. Prescribed or OTC male enhancement supplements are easy to buy, easy to consume, and most importantly work faster and more efficiently to boost male libido and sexual energy than any other procedure.

But, as we all know prescribed drugs are proven to cause harmful side effects in the long run. So, the best option is to choose natural supplements that are clinically proven and approved by doctors. 

After researching the available pills in the market, we’ve identified one of the best male health supplements that is designed to improve male libido, stamina, endurance, and erection quality. This pill is known as Extenze. It is a safe alternative to prescription drugs. The formula of this pill is scientifically proven to be an effective male sexual performance booster.

Extenze male enhancement pills

Extenze is a male performance supplement that is designed to boost male libido, enhance male stamina, and provide sexual enhancement on demand. Moreover, It is clinically proven and doctor approved. According to their website, over 1 billion pieces of Extenze have been sold worldwide. This pill has been in the market for 19 years now and it is also one of the best male enhancement pills in the U.S.

Extenze is sometimes referred to as a “penis enhancement pill”. For that, some may think this sex pill will give them a larger penis permanently, but that’s not true. No male enhancement supplement can make your penis bigger than its natural size. But, with regular doses, they can improve your sexual health and maximize your natural erection size over time.

Extenze is also one of the enhancement supplements that works fast to provide a hard erection and increased duration during intercourse. It contains potent ingredients that assure prolonged penile erections and the best male performance. But it cannot enlarge your penis size permanently. 

But, If you want to try penis enlargement you should consider an extender device or penis pumps. 

How does Extenze work? 

ExtenZe is one of the best fast acting male enhancement pills in the market. To understand how Extenze works, we’ll need to understand first how an erection works. 

When a man gets sexually aroused, a penile erection occurs. As a man gets mental, physical, or cognitive stimulations, his brain chemicals signal the nervous system to bring blood flow in the penis.

So, the spongy tissues inside the corpora cavernosa relax and blood enters the penis through the cavernosal artery. The urethra gets closed off and controls the urine from getting in there. As a result, man gets an erection.

The natural ingredients of Extenze work as aphrodisiacs to improve male sexual desire, performance, and stamina in bed. Horny goat weed or Epimedium in Extenze improves the ideal blood flow into corpora cavernosa and provides a harder and thicker erection. This ingredient also increases semen production rate in men.

Extenze’s other ingredient L-Arginine also targets the boost of nitric oxide level in the body. Usually our body turns nitrates into nitric oxide which is derived from various fruits, vegetables and meats.  Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and allows better blood flow in the genitals which causes a natural erection. So, more nitric oxide ensures the  access of more blood flow to the penis. As a result, you get a noticeably harder erection.

Another ingredient zinc is a male libido booster. In a recent study in Medical News Today, men with zinc deficiency were shown to have low sperm count and low endurance.

Extenze contains ingredients like Yohimbe, Pregnenolone, Tribulus Terrestris – these ingredients are proven and used to cure erection disorders. These ingredients especially work to improve male sex hormone and endurance.

Most of the ingredients in Extenze are popularly known for giving men their desired erection. On top of that, the blend of ingredients is scientifically formulated and combined in this pill for improving male potency fast and more efficiently. 

Is Extenze Safe?

Yes; Extenze is safe if you use it as directed by the manufacturers. It’s a natural male enhancer supplement. Some of the active ingredients of Extenze have been used as natural remedies for ages to treat low libido and erection issues.

What are the active ingredients in Extenze?

Horny Goat Weed This herb contains icariin. This blocks enzymes and makes space for more blood circulation in penis to give a better erection.
Tribulus Terrestris Medically researched to boost testosterone levels. Proven to improve erotic desire and erectile function in men.
Ginger Cures male erectile disorders. Helps to maintain an erection, increases sex drive, and enhances pleasure in intercourse.
Stinging Nettle Boost male libido and improve prostate and erection health.
L-arginine This is an amino acid that can defeat the symptoms like weak erection or low sex drive.
Zinc This mineral can increase the main male sex hormone – Testosterone. An increase in testosterone can improve endurance and desire.
Yohimbe extract(bark) Also, known as Yohimbine. This herbal supplement is traditionally used in West African medicine to treat male infertility.
It also helps to increase the stimulation of the nitric oxide in your system that dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the genitals.
Pregnenolone This is a performance enhancer hormone. It can boost sex drive and performance in bed.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) This substance helps to make testosterone and other male sex hormones. Also, it is proven to treat ED symptoms.
Licorice Extract It manages stress, improves mood and regulates hormone levels.
Boron Increases testosterone and estrogen production.
Pumpkin Seeds Improve prostate health and hormone production. It’s also a common amino acid source.
Deer Antler Velvet Stimulates growth hormone production and improves sexual health.
Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Balances reproductive hormones production.
Magnesium Healthy magnesium levels in the body helps to Improve sex drive and promotes good sleep.
Astragalus Improves the function of lungs, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract. Also, improves metabolism and reduces fatigue.
Hop (Strobile extract) Treats insomnia and helps reproductive hormone production.
Xanthoparmelia Scabiosa Treats erectile dysfunction and increases libido.
Ho Shou Wu extract Increases virility. Contains anti-aging properties.
Damiana Increases strength, improves erectile function. It has been proven to enhance male pleasure
Folate (folic acid) Improves fertility, boosts energy and healthy blood cells number.
Piper Longum Cures anxiety and depression. Increase the effectiveness of combined ingredients.
Tongkat Ali Improves fertility, testosterone levels, and athletic performance effectively.
Gaba Improves mood, relieves pain and anxiety. It also stabilizes blood pressure and promotes muscle strength and growth.
Bioperine Increases the bioavailability of combined ingredients and increases their effectiveness.
Korean Ginseng extract Increases erection quality and frequency significantly. Cures erectile problems.
Muira Puama extract It’s an effective libido booster. Also claims to improve mental focus and memory.

These effective natural male enhancement herbs enhance male libido and erection quality very fast. Also; the ingredients of Extenze have been proven by several studies to effectively enhance male stamina.

 ExtenZe Clinical Studies

In 2004, the manufacturer of Extenze conducted a private clinical study. 20 men (age ranging from 32-59 years) were selected as subjects. The clinical study was executed to find out the efficiency of Extenze on these specific factors:


  • Improvement in erection quality
  • Improvement in performance during intercourse
  • Improvement in sexual endurance

 The study time frame was 8 weeks or 2 months. The participants were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 received 1 pill of Extenze regularly, group 2 received a placebo of a similar dosage. The study started with interviews and evaluation and was followed by weekly follow-up interviews with the participants. Penile measurements were conducted at intervals of week one, week two, month one, and month two.


The report of the study shows that Extenze worked to improve the overall sexual health of the subjects in this study.

  •       85% of the Extenze users reported an improvement in sexual desire
  •       95% of the Extenze users reported an increase in firmness of erections
  •       100% of the Extenze users reported an increase in maintaining an erection to complete intercourse
  •       90% of Extenze users reported being satisfied with their erections
  •       65% of Extenze users reported an increase in penis sensitivity

The result of this clinical study proves that Extenze is one of the fast-acting male enhancement supplements that can boost male sex drive, performance, and stamina in bed.

The American Journal of Therapeutics published the report of this clinical study. This report states that regular consumption of Extenze helps to enhance men’s performance during sex.  

Click here to read the full report of the clinical study. 


Extenze Male Enhancement Reviews

Extenze is the number 1 best selling male enhancement pill in America. It is a common name in the sexual enhancement community. As a top-selling men’s health supplement, it gets both positive and negative reviews. According to the reviews of Amazon and other e-commerce platforms;

-50% of the users gave positive feedback along with a  5-star rating.

-30% of users gave this product 3.5-4.5 ratings.

-20% have given 1 or 2 ratings as this product didn’t work to increase their manhood.

We’ve already clarified beforehand that no medication can give you a permanent “bigger dick”. Only male enlargement surgeries can do that.

But, like we’ve mentioned earlier, Extenze is a male potency and sexual performance enhancer that is designed to enhance male erection size but not the penis.

To respect the customer’s rights and privacy we are not sharing any personal pictures, comments, information, or link here.



According to the website, the consumer needs to take one tablet each day. We’d suggest taking the pill with a glass of water, after your breakfast. 

Each packet of Extenze contains 30 liquid gel capsules, which is the supply for one month. The manufacturers suggest consuming the pill for 2 months straight to get optimum results.

How long does it take for Extenze to work?

Extenze is known for providing a faster result than any other herbal supplements. Most of the users of Extenze reported that they experienced an immediate improvement in erections with Extenze. According to some users, the pill started to work within 4 to 5 days. We would advise you to take the pill as recommended for at least a month before expecting anything extreme.

ExtenZe Benefits

Extenze is an effective male potency enhancer. We’ve enlisted the benefits of Extenze below:

Provide better stamina in bed

Increase sexual desire in males

Improve blood flow in the penis

Treats male hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD

Improve performance during intercourse

Increase erection frequency and quality

Cure ED symptoms (to some extents)

Promote nitric oxide levels

Boost testosterone levels

Increase other male sex hormone production

Provide faster and better erection (after regular consumption for a few weeks)

Offer powerful orgasms

ExtenZe male enhancement side effects

There is no evidence that Extenze is harmful or dangerous if taken properly in the right dosage. But, you should always check the ingredient lists before buying any dietary supplements to make sure if you are allergic to them or not. We advise you to do the same before taking Extenze.

If you are taking any prescribed medications for heart disease, high cholesterol or other health problems, consult your doctor or medical professional before consuming Extenze. Male health supplements’ ingredients might generate side effects with the presence of prescribed medicines’ elements.

 How much does extenze cost 

The manufacturer of Extenze offers 4 distinct packages on their website. Each packet of Extenze contains 30 tablets.

  •       1-month supply – $49.95
  •       2-month supply – $89.95
  •       3-month supply – $124.95
  •       6-month supply – $249.95, This package comes with Free Global Shipping.

According to the website, consumers will begin to experience results within the first month but the manufacturer recommends using this product for 3-4 months at least to experience the best results.

If you order directly from the official website, your orders will be shipped discreetly in a plain package with a shipping label from Leading Edge Marketing Inc. There is nothing written or attached on the package that reveals the contents inside the package.

 ExtenZe Return Policy

According to the website, Extenze provides 100% money back “Empty Box Guarantee” for unsatisfied customers. If you don’t feel satisfied with the outcome, you can return the unused items or the original container (empty box) within 67 days of receiving the product. the manufacturers will refund the full amount excluding shipping and handling costs.

Where to Buy ExtenZe?

You can find Extenze on Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, or any retailer shops where you buy your daily products. But we highly recommend buying the product directly from their official website.

The official website will provide the freshest batch of products than the resellers. Also; there’s no chance to get fake enhancement items if you order from the company website directly. The company will ship the product discreetly without revealing the contents in the package. You can also take advantage of the free shipping offer on selected packages.

Click here to visit the original website of Extenze.

Should you Buy ExtenZe?

If you are looking for a natural male stamina enhancement supplement you can confidently go for Extenze! According to the official site and studies, It improves sexual activity and performance by increasing libido and testosterone production. This pill is a natural male potency enhancer that can easily make you last longer in bed without causing any side effects. 

So, if you want to experience longer-lasting sex with a perfect erection, we’d say Extenze will be the best option for you. And if you don’t like it, you can simply get your money back!

 All things considered

Low sexual stamina not only impacts sexual experience; but also affects the overall health of a person. You can choose any solution you want but if you are considering trying out a dietary supplement and looking for the best fast acting male enhancement pill, we recommend ExtenZe.

Its formula and ingredients all are proven to be effective in increasing male endurance and sexual energy. On top of that, it’s one of the top-selling men’s health supplements in the industry now. That’s why we have agreed to consider ExtenZe as the best supplement for stamina in bed.

Note: participates in several affiliate programs. If you buy from our given links, we’ll receive a small commission from our reviewed products and services. This commission helps us to keep the website running and inspires us to bring you more in-depth findings and detailed product reviews.


How to increase male sexual stamina?

There’s a lot of things a guy can do to max out his performance in the bedroom.


Maintain fitness: Becoming more conscious about your mental and physical health is the simplest way to increase your sexual strength. It’s obvious that a healthy body and mind is the best tool for enjoying anything to its fullest. For a better sexual experience, it’s important to have a fit body. 


Good cardiovascular health: Having good cardiovascular health is vital. The healthier the heart the easier it is to get aroused, and keep firmer and stronger erections. 


Get rid of the Bad habits: Cutting off bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking can also aid greatly to your performance. Sex is a sport and if you are thinking about increasing your stamina in bed naturally you should do the same things a professional sportsman would do. 


Proper diet: Proper diet and nutrition plan is also very important. It’s natural for our bodies to be the best in the bedroom. For a normal erectile function, we just need to keep our bodies in the best condition. If you are suffering from low endurance, the first thing you gotta try is to take care of your health.   


Gain better erectile control: Improving the quality of your erection is a must when it comes to increasing your duration in lovemaking. If you take proper care of your body, heart health, and regular diet it should be really easy to have a firmer erection naturally. But, if you have been living an unhealthy life for a long time, it might as well take a long time to get your health back to its optimum level. For such cases, you can;


Use a Natural male enhancement product: Natural male enhancement products like Extenze or VigRX plus is a great way to rejuvenate your sexual functions as well as erection. Using a natural product can aid to improve your sexual functionality and give you a nice boost to your health without causing any side effects. 


Is Extenze the same as Viagra?


Extenze is a sexual enhancement supplement that is based solely on natural ingredients. It is similar to Viagra in terms of efficacy as it can give the users the ability to gain firmer erections on demand. But, it is not like Viagra in terms of components. Viagra is an FDA-approved prescription drug that uses sildenafil. Sildenafil is a synthetic chemical substance that can give users the temporary ability to get and maintain harder erections. But it may cause potential side effects like headache, a sudden drop in heart rate, dizziness, a sudden loss of hearing, high body temperature, etc. It’s also very risky for people with heart and cardiovascular issues. On the other hand, Extenze uses various natural ingredients in a formulation that helps not only get instant results but also helps to improve one’s sexual arousal and erection health over time. 


Does Extenze really work?  


Yes! Extenze is hands down the best selling enhancement pill in the U.S. A huge number of users consume this pill regularly without any reported complaints or sexual side effects. It’s the best performance enhancer pill on the market and has sold more than a billion pieces of pills. Which says a lot about its effectiveness. 


It has been used successfully as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and low endurance while having sex.  

How long does Extenze last?


Extenze is designed for enhancing male performance over some time. Therefore it is advised to take Extenze daily for the best results. The effect of an Extenze pill may last for about 12 to 24 hours. But, with regular consumption, a user is expected to feel energized and ready for action whenever he needs it.


Does Extenze make you last longer?



Yes! The sole purpose of Extenze is to give the users better reproductive health so that they can –

  • Last as long as they want
  • Have bigger, and thicker erections 
  • Have intense orgasms
  • Spend more time in foreplay 
  • Enjoy more excitement and 
  • Have more confidence in the bedroom 

How to prolong erection?


The first and foremost rule of having a prolonged erection is to have better health and body fitness. Better blood flow in the body is necessary for better maintenance of erections. If you are unable to have or maintain erections during sex or unable to have erections for the desired duration you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. To resolve this, you may have to take care of a few things both inside and outside of your body.


For that case, along with a healthy lifestyle you can use daily supplements that can boost your libido, provide your body with the things that are necessary to get a harder and long-lasting erection. 


Does Extenze make you hard right away?


The manufacturer’s advice is to take the capsule 4 to 6 hours before having sex. It is guaranteed to work within this timeframe. But, as Extenze has been on the market for over 19 years we have a lot of user reviews. 


Many users have said it starts to take effect within the first 30 minutes to two hours. Users say it works almost immediately when taken regularly. We believe the effectiveness of the pill depends on the individual. That’s why we would recommend the first-time users to take the 67 days money return offer and test the pill’s effectiveness for themselves. 

Does Extenze work the first time?


Yes, it does. Among all the natural male enhancers Extenze has the reputation for working fast. It has been reported by many users that it works as fast as Viagra. So, users can expect to feel the change within 3 to 4 hours. But this is a daily supplement and it works the fastest if taken regularly.


Does Extenze work for ED? 


Extenze helps to increase overall sexual stamina along with erectile quality. Extenze contains ingredients like L-Arginine which increases the nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide plays the role of delivering blood flow to the penis. Apart from L-Arginine Extenze contains other natural ingredients that are very efficient when it comes to enhancing erection quality. Regular consumption will not only work to solve ED but will also make erections more hard, frequent, and long-lasting.


How to take Extenze?


Each packet of Extenze contains 30 gel capsules. According to the manufacturers, the user needs to consume one pill each day. We would recommend taking the pill after breakfast with a glass of water. To experience the optimized result consumers need to take this pill regularly for 2 months straight.


What is Extenze male enhancement?


Extenze is a natural ingredient based male enhancement pill. This is one of the best fast-acting supplements for men that provides harder erections and better sexual endurance. This pill also boosts male testosterone levels and libido. Its natural ingredients improve men’s sexual health and performance without causing any harmful effects.


Do male enhancement pills have any side effects?

Always proceed with caution while choosing a male enhancement pill. Random otc penis enhancement pills may result in many aftereffects. Such as:


  • damaging the urethra
  • troubles with urination
  • penile tissue damage
  • dangerous drops or increase in blood pressure

Therefore, we recommend natural ingredients based pills. Natural male enhancement products or items don’t come with any adverse side effects. As all their ingredients are collected from nature and their formula is scientifically developed, they only have positive effects. Regular consumption of these pills improve reproductive function, sexual health and cure specific issues permanently.


How do natural male enhancement supplements work?

Natural male enhancement pills offer to improve sexual experiences by performing the following functions-

  • Boost nitric oxide production to improve blood supply in the penis
  • Boost testosterone levels to increase sexual desire
  • Improve cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation
  • Stimulate sexual hormones to improve reproductive function
  • Improve erection size and quality to boost the sexual power in bed

How to avoid male enhancement scams?

The supplement industry is full of thousands of enhancement products. To avoid falling for any scam or fraudulent items, maintain the following instructions-

  • Don’t buy products with chemical or hidden ingredients
  • Check if the free trial option is valid or not
  • Check out the manufacturing brands reputation and other products reviews
  • Check if your preferred product has any BBB complaint or not
  • Check if the product contains any hidden or harmful ingredient
  • To get trustworthy products you should always buy from official company websites

 How often do couples have sex?

 According to a study of 2017, couples usually perform sex 54 times a year. This means on average normal couples have sex once a week.


How can male enhancers improve your sex life?

Natural male enhancers can improve your sex life by performing the following functions-

  • Boosting nitric oxide levels to improve blood supply in the penis
  • Boosting testosterone levels to increase sexual desire
  • Improving cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation
  • Stimulating sexual hormones to improve reproductive function
  • Improving erection size and quality to boost the sexual power in bed

What is a natural energy booster?

A healthy diet, regular exercises, getting enough sleep and natural health supplements can give you a long-lasting energy boost. But balancing all these things are quite tough. Therefore, we think natural ingredients based health supplements are the best option to boost your energy.

Mushroom Defense is a natural energy booster. This supplement contains a powerful blend of mushroom ingredients that improves the immune system function and boosts memory and energy levels.


What vitamins help sexually?

The following vitamins can help a man sexually-

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • B Vitamins

What food makes a man last longer in bed?

The following food items can help a man last longer in bed by ensuring harder erections-

  • Pomegranate
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Apple
  • Tomatoes
  • Coffee
  • broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Chili
  • Oats
  • Blueberries
  • Yogurt etc.

What pills make you last longer in bed?

Several natural supplements and prescription medications are designed to help you last longer in bed by increasing blood flow to the penis. While some of these pills are completely safe to consume, some may come with adverse health effects. So choose your pills carefully. 

Is it normal to have sex every day?

Yes, it’s absolutely normal to have sex every day. Regular sexual activity boosts prostate and sexual organs functions. Also, releases stress and anxiety by improving mood and relationship quality with the partner.


How often do men need sex?

Though every man is different, all men on average below the age of 60 usually desire sexual intercourse at least once every day.


What are the best fast acting male enhancement pills?

Many enhancement pills are designed for quick action. However, among the natural male enhancement pills that promise to aid sexual intercourse with better erection size and better stamina – Extenze is the best fast acting male enhancement pill on the market now.

This pill offers instant erection and stronger orgasms. You will notice rapid results within 3/4 hours after consuming the pill.

What does ExtenZe do for a man?

Extenze is a fast-acting natural male enhancement supplement for stamina in bed. This health supplement claims to provide the following benefits-

  • Provide harder erections during sex
  • Improve erectile quality and function
  • Improve blood flow to the penis
  • Boost nitric oxide levels
  • Increase semen volume
  • Provide intense orgasms
  • Boost overall sexual function
  • Reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms
  • Improve male libido and testosterone levels

Does Extenze raise blood pressure?

There is no substantial evidence of Extenze to raise blood pressure in its users. It is a natural enhancement pill with no reported side effects.

However, if you are taking any prescription medication, you should consult your doctor before taking any enhancement pill. As the ingredients of the pills can cause adverse effects by interacting with each other.


What is sexual dysfunction in males?

The physical or psychological difficulties men face to engage in sexual intercourse are known as sexual dysfunction in males. The most common types of male sexual dysfunction are:

  • Erectile dysfunction (difficulty in producing or maintaining an erection)
  • Delayed ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly)
  • Premature ejaculation (early discharge of semen)
  • Low libido (reduced sex drive)

Does Viagra keep you hard after coming?

No, Viagra may not make you hard again immediately after you’ve had an orgasm. Your body needs time to prepare for an erection right after ejaculation. This time is known as the refractory period.

However; Viagra may decrease the normal refractory period or recovery time in men.


What happens if a man releases sperm daily?

According to the result of a clinical study published by Elsevier Inc., daily ejaculation for up to 14 days slightly reduced semen volume and sperm motility in its male subjects. But it did not cause any significant damage to the semen parameters or sperm health of the male participants.


What fruit is a natural Viagra?

According to WebMD, watermelon may work as a natural Viagra. This fruit contains ‘citrulline’ which relaxes and widens the blood vessels to allow more blood flow to the penis to cause a better erection. This is how Viagra works to treat erectile dysfunction in men.


Can ExtenZe make your penis bigger?

Extenze is a natural ingredient based male enhancement supplement that claims to provide better erections. This pill can help you to reach your maximum natural penis size during sexual arousal.

However, Extenze or any kind of male enhancement pills cannot make your penis bigger than its natural size. These pills are designed to boost erectile functions by improving blood flow in the penis.


Can you buy penis enhancement pills over the counter?

You can buy some penis enhancement pills over the counter. However, to get fresh and authentic pills, always purchase from the company’s official website. This will help you to avoid purchasing fake or expired products. Also, ordering from official sites will maximize your savings and will help you to avail special offers like free global shipping and original money back guarantee. 

Is it safe to take male enhancement pills?

It is like asking if it’s safe to play sports. It depends on the sport that you are playing and the way you are playing it. “Male enhancement supplement” includes a variety of products. You can categorize them from useful to ineffective to downright dangerous!

Anyone with a history of:

uncontrolled high blood pressure

unstable angina

heart disease

congestive heart failure,

should consult their physician first. 


What is the most effective male enhancement pill?

Each of our reviewed pills is the best in their sector. However, the most effective male enhancement pills so far are Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, Viagra, Cialis, etc. 

 These pills can give you a better erection during sexual intercourse but not all of them are designed to improve your sexual wellbeing. So, it is important to do your research before deciding on anything. 


 What is the best pill to take to last longer in bed?

There are a number of pills that can help you to last longer. Prescription pills like Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil) can give you a hard long-lasting erection.


But if you suffer from premature ejaculation then they are not very useful. Also many choose to avoid them as they often react with other medication and cause several side effects.

On the other hand, popular over the counter enhancement supplements like;

Prosolution Plus

VigRX Plus


Male Extra



has been helpful to many guys with a variety of sexual issues. These are considered the best last longer pills without side effects. 


What are Male Enhancement Products?

Products that offer to enhance men’s erection size during sexual arousal are usually known as male enhancement products. These products come in various shapes and sizes. While some of these products are developed with well-backed science, some can do wonders and some can be useless. So choose your product carefully. 

Natural enhancement pills – Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, Extenze, Prosolution Plus, etc.

Prescribed synthetic pills – Viagra, Cialis, Levita, Stendra, etc.

Enhancement device – Extender, Vacuum Pumps

Topical solution – Enhancement oils, gel, lotion, wipes, cream, etc. 

Among all the options, natural oral pills are the most hassle-free one. But if you are looking for enhancement supplement alternatives check out Vigrx Delay Wipes or Prosolution gel.

Why Use Male Enhancement Pills?

Every male enhancement pill comes with a different combination of ingredients. This makes the product’s function and effects unique. So, you can use a male enhancement pill if you want-

  • Enhanced stamina and longer-lasting erection
  • Intense orgasm and pleasure
  • Increased endurance and stamina
  • Enhanced sperm health

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