Best Male Enhancement Exercises For Penis Length And Girth

Best Male Enhancement Exercises For Penis Length And Girth

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The Truth about penis enlargement 


From ancient times the male phallus has been of great significance. If you browse through ancient architecture, sculptures or paintings there’s always been some portrayal of the male genitalia which made them look quite noticeable and for the lack of a better word, BIG! 


So, we can say that the appreciation for a large and strong penis is not a new trend! It has been around for ages and we are pretty sure it will stick around for the ages to come.


Penis enlargement has been a hot topic in the male health industry and the desire for a larger penis has made some of us so vulnerable that the media and the marketers have been taking advantage of this issue for as long as we can remember! 


As a result, we have mountains of misleading information which ultimately, quite convincingly, has established the fact that penis enlargement is not possible. 


As a factual guide to manhood, our bestenhancement team decided to dig out all the information related to penis enlargement methods and we are logically convinced that penis enlargement through exercise is possible!


But, we are also convinced that this is not an easy route. It involves risks and requires a certain level of dedication and understanding about the whole process.


Which actually makes sense for all the “penis exercises doesn’t work” arguments. Because, very few have been consistent with their exercises and have done them in a proper way.


Nevertheless, we will share what we have learned through our research and personal experiences to give you a basic overview on the best male enhancement exercises.


If you are interested in natural penis enlargement, this guide is all you need to know as a beginner. We will also discuss how anyone should approach and think about the whole concept of penis enlargement. So, without any further ado , let’s get started!


Before diving into the technical part we would like to share a few things and nothing seems more important than the question of the century…


Does size really matter? 


We must say that there is not a definite answer. It depends on a number of things and it’s different for everyone. But, it is quite evident that the penis size is more important to man than it is to women. 


Men have been always equating the penis to their masculinity and sexual potency. And as women with large breasts and buttocks have been categorized as attractive, femenine and fertile; men with large penises have been categorized as attractive and fertile!


Who put the labels ? We really have no idea!


While many may argue that large penises are more enjoyable during intercourse, we are certain that sexual pleasure depends more on psychological aspects rather than physical.


So, mostly it’s not about the measure but more about the pleasure! 


However, if you are thinking about enlargement because you want to be a better lover it should be the least of your priorities. Rather you should focus more on mastering sexuality by enhancing your knowledge and sexual stamina. Without these a big penis is just as good as a big dildo! 




What is the right penis size ?


Logically speaking, there isn’t an erection size that is perfect for everyone! Everyone is different both physically and mentally. So what will seem perfect for someone may feel exactly the opposite to another. So, it’s totally on your part to decide what is the right penis size for you and the one you make love with. 


Now you might be wondering …

How big is the average penis?


The normal size range of the human penis may be much smaller than you expect it to be! A 2019 study shows that the average size of an erect penis is only between 5.1 to 5.5 inches, contrary to the belief that the average penis size (erect) is about 6 inches.


The average flaccid penises are even smaller, ranging from 2.5 to 3.61 inches!


Only around 2% of the guys have a dick that is as large as 7 inches or above and they are the ones you see in the adult film industry. It’s really rare to have a penis that is 9 inches or above. 


But, you don’t really need a big penis anyway. As several studies have shown that the most preferred penis size is 6 to 6.5 inches. This is a satisfactory, enjoyable size for most women and also it looks pretty decent! Anything beyond that has the possibility of  hurting or feeling quite uncomfortable to some women.


Yet, if the size of your penis negatively affects the way you feel about yourself and hampers your confidence you can consider penis enlargement. Which brings us to…


What is penis enlargement?


Penis enlargement or penile lengthening basically refers to the techniques that aim to increase the size of the penis. Some techniques aim to increase the overall length, some may focus on the girth, there are even techniques to increase the size of the glans or head of the penis. Although the topic of this article is penis enlargement through exercise, there are a few other ways men can try to enhance penis size. 


So, if you are wondering…


What are the ways of penis enlargement?


There are 3 ways of penis enlargement up until now and unfortunately, none of them are for a quick fix! You might have seen a lot of advertisements of penis enlargement pills on the internet which promises to enlarge the penis up to 3 to 4 inches over the time of 3 to 4 weeks! But, we can assure you there are no such pills to date that can do something like that. 


Surely, there are pills that can improve your erections and help it to reach its maximum size. But, they will not increase the size of your penis and enlarge it to a noticeable degree. So the only ways you can expect a real penis enlargement are as follows:


Penis enlargement surgery (also known as enlargement phalloplasty) is the only medically approved way to increase the size, length and girth of the penis. But, it is only suitable for desperate situations like the micropenis or the hourglass deformity. But, we must say these include injection and incision and have the potential to cause permanent damage to the cavernous bodies of the penis. 

There are a number of penile enhancement surgeries out there and in the United States, they can range from $2000 to $20,000.  


Different penile elongation surgery uses different methods. In the United States the common procedures of penile augmentation may include :  

There is a common misconception that penis enlargement surgery can enhance the look and the size but in reality no penis surgery can give you an aesthetically pleasing penis. Also, the size gain from a penile cosmetic surgery is very insignificant.


Plus, cosmetic penis enlargement  has many risk factors. If something goes wrong, you may end up with horrible side effects and irreversible deformities.

Penile enhancement surgery can often lead to

  • Loss of sensation or erectile function
  • Penile nerve damage,
  • Tissue damage
  • Pain
  • Inability to have fuller erections

Let’s see what The American Urological Association has to say about surgeries –


“The American Urological Association (AUA) and the Urology Care Foundation consider subcutaneous fat injection for increasing penile girth to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or efficacious.”


“The AUA also considers the division of the suspensory ligament of the penis for increasing penile length in adults to be a procedure which has not been shown to be safe or efficacious.”


So, judging from all angles and considering all the potential risks we think it is better to try nonsurgical methods, physical techniques or safe enhancement products, before considering a penis enlargement surgery.




There are different kinds of enlargement devices in the market. Among all the penis-enlargement products extender devices and vacuum devices are the most popular. 


Extenders or traction devices come in all shapes and forms. They are designed to give the penis a constant stretch to inspire cell division and multiplication.


On the other hand, devices like Penis pumps or vacuum pumps focus on drawing more blood into the penile chambers. The idea is to increase the capability of the penile blood vessels to sustain more blood and produce larger erections as a result.


There is no age limit for penis growth so anyone can give these penis-enlargement products a try. But, we highly emphasise on the fact that you gain more knowledge of the penile anatomy and the devices before using any of them. Because, using them wrongly can cause some serious injuries. 


However, we have found that these devices work best if they are used along with enlargement exercises. More importantly, It is best if you use these devices after you have already gone through the basic exercise routine for a few months.



Exercises are so far the best option if you really wish to effectively enlarge your manhood. But, like we have mentioned earlier, they are not an easy route and they require a great deal of dedication and understanding. 


Penis enhancement exercises originated differently in different cultures. These exercises were in practise in the ancient sudanese arabs, taoist masters and tantric sex practisioners. If you study the sexual techniques performed by these cultures you will find that they share the same concept. In modern times these exercises have been altered and perfected by many enthusiasts but the principles are the same. 


Basically, these exercises follow the same principles as the extender devices and the pumps. The goal is to increase the capacity of the penile chambers and the tissues , inspiring the division and multiplication of cells.


Exercises are believed to be more effective than enlargement devices as the process is more organic and the performer has better ability to track and monitor the changes. 


Needless to say, these exercises are not 100% safe and have the potential to cause injuries if not done properly. 


But, if you are looking for a way to naturally enlarge your manhood, exercises are the way to go. 


Thus, we come to the question … 


Is natural penis enlargement possible ? Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?

Apparently, yes!  The penis enlargement through exercises have been a matter of controversy because of a number of reasons.


Firstly, it takes a long time to enlarge the penis , you may have to exercise on a regular basis for as long as a year to actually  see growth as little as an inch! Which is a deal breaker for many and also it is not very easy to have that motivation.


Secondly, there is a widespread misconception that says “penis is not a muscle so it is not possible to train or grow it like a muscle !” Even if you browse through the internet the top searches will also say the same! Which is funny because in reality the human penis is 50% smooth muscles not just spongy tissues! According to the Journal of Andrology ;


“ In the human penis, the skeletal ischiocavernosus muscles, the bulbospongiosus muscles, and their extension as the tunica albuginea support and contain, completely in the corpora cavernosa or partially in the corpus spongiosum, the smooth muscle structures that intermingle with fibrous tissue to form the wall of the sinusoids. However, in the glans penis, the skeletal ligament is entrapped by the smooth muscle structures and serves as a trunk. ”


So, it is possible to change the size of these smooth cells and the exercises are designed to do that.


What’s more interesting is that smooth cells have the highest capacity to regenerate out of all the muscle cells! According to the histology guide from the faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds, smooth muscles also have the ability of hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the increase in the volume of an organ or tissue due to the enlargement of its component cells. So, there is no doubt that the human penis has the ability of growth and you can train your penis make it stronger and bigger.


Now you must be wondering…


Are there studies?

There are a few studies done on penis enlargement and all of them prove that penis enlargement is possible.


A well-known study was conducted in 2005 by Aaron Kemmer ,who wrote the book “Exercising The Penis” . It was a 3 month long study and over 1000 men participated in it.  Using Kemmer’s techniques these men gained almost an inch in length and half in girth on average.  Not only this, there is another study done by Dr. Brian Richards back in 1975. It was a well-established study and it was also published in the British Medical Journal and British Journal of Sexual Medicine. This study showed almost the same results, 28 out of the 30 participants showed noticeable enlargement of the penis and on average the participants gained 1.1 inch in length and 1 inch in girth. 


On the other hand, separate studies done in 2009 and 2010 have shown that traction devices similar to the ProExtender successfully increased the length of the penis. After 3 to 6 months of regular usage of such a device one can expect an increase in his penile length by 0.3 to 0.7 inches. 


We have also come across online forums and  social media groups where guys are constantly posting their progress with penis enlargement using basic stretching and jelqing exercises. 


So, it is evident that it is possible to increase the size of your penis by  exercises and using extender devices. 


  How penis enlargement exercises works 


Now let’s talk about the concept behind penis enlargement and how it works.   Penis enlargement works similar to working out in the gym. 


When we exercise at the gym. We are breaking down our cells and tissues. After the workout our body’s regeneration system starts to heal itself and the muscles rebuild themselves stronger and  bigger each time to recoup the stress it’s been receiving. So, penis exercises work the same way . 


But,more importantly…


Are penis enlargement exercises safe ?


Well, It highly depends on you. But it’s needless to say that the penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body and there is a high probability of injury if the exercises are not done properly .


 If you are too reckless with the exercises you can do some real damage to the penis and affect its erectile functions. It can result in weak erections, erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction issues related to penile functions.


Although , we couldn’t find any reports of severe injury due to enlargement exercises. But, the chance is always there. So, it’s better if you consult your physician before doing these exercises. 


So, we can not blindly say penis exercises are totally safe. But , it is also true that any physical exercise has the potential of injury . If you suddenly start doing deadlifts,without knowing the proper way to do it- you are bound to be injured. 

Therefore, penis exercises can be considered safe if you do it slowly with proper knowledge.


As it’s not a mainstream form of exercise and there are not many guidelines out there, you have to have some extra knowledge about the whole procedure. Like, how to get started? What to do ? How to do it ? and what to expect…


How to get started with penis enlargement exercises ? 

We know there are millions of men out there who are insecure about their penis size and they are suffering greatly due to lack of sexual confidence and self esteem.
Penis anxiety or thinking you have a small penis is one of the most common body dysmorphic disorders men go through now.
We have seen cases where guys with perfectly normal-sized penises have abstained from sex because they think they have a small penis. And those who have smaller penises actually suffer a lot of confidence issues in their lives.
This issue may seem “not so serious” to some but it is a real problem that has been affecting millions of men. 


So, if you are facing such an issue and are determined to enlarge your penis, you must prepare for It!  To aid you on this journey we are trying our best to give you all the basics you need to start your penis enlarge journey. 


If you want to start penis enlargement we urge you to do the following things before you start ; 


Do your research

Before starting out with penis exercises you must do your research and learn as much as possible about the topic. It will benefit you immensely if you do your research on the available free materials online. You may also join social media groups, online forums which are related to penile enlargement exercises to gain more knowledge on the topic. 


We have made a list of the must read books for enlarging your penis and enhancing your sex life. Click on this link to get it on your email !


To help you with your research on male enhancement you have a bundle of resources! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information on manhood,enhancement and enlargement ! 

Start with a Basic knowledge of the penile anatomy

This is also part of your research. You should gain a clear knowledge about the penile anatomy and how the penis functions. You should also learn about the exercises, how they function and what they do to your penis . By knowing about these things you are minimising the chances of injury and also increasing your chances of getting a better outcome.


Try to connect with other people who are doing penis exercises 

It’s best if you can connect to a community who are also interested in penis enlargement and sharing their progress with each other. It will help you develop a better understanding , troubleshoot problems and get a lot of your questions answered. Consider these as online penis gyms! 


There are many online groups and forums. Check out this reddit group (be careful it’s nsfw!) where guys share their progress with penis enlargement! 


Take medical advice 

It’s always best if you can talk to your doctor before starting out with enlargement exercises. Everyone is different and your doctor may know what’s best for you.  


Must do things to maximize your gains 


Take Your Measurements properly

You must take proper measurements of your penis. Without proper measurement it is not possible to really know if you are progressing or not. Measuring is naturally important because it allows you to see if you are gaining; and if you aren’t gaining, you know you need to change something. 

Set Your Goal 

Having an accurate picture of your expectations and desires pushes your brain to make it a reality! So, You must set a goal before starting. Suppose if your penis is 5 inches in length and 4 inches in girth and you want to become longer and thicker you should set a specific goal. For example, your goal can be 6 inch in length and 5 inch in girth. Setting goals and  realistic expectations will keep you motivated and keep you from giving up early. 

Monitor Your Progress

Monitoring your progress on a regular basis is also important. It will let you know how fast you are growing. But, do not check your progress too frequently. Checking your measurement every 3 to 4 weeks is a proper frequency of measurement. 



As certain penis exercises require lubrication you should use a good quality water based lube. This way you will be able to perform the exercises without hurting or damaging the skin of the penis. Never use water, soap or shampoo for lubrication. The best kind of lube for penis exercise is the lubes that are not thick or sticky and easy to wash away .


Use supplements 

To maximize your gains you need to eat nutritious food and support your body-especially your penis. So you need to consume foods that help to enhance sexual abilities


If it’s not possible to arrange such foods you can take male enhancement supplements. Erection enhancing supplements like VigRX plus ,Viasil or ProsoulionPlus have been helpful to many penis exercisers as these supplements contain natural ingredients that can help to improve your blood flow, testosterone levels, sexual function and penile health. 

If you are doing exercises or using a device these supplements can help boost your penile growth. 


There are a number of natural enhancement supplements that target different aspects of your sexual health. To learn more about the best enhancement pills on the market you can click here. 

How to measure your penis correctly?


As we have mentioned before , measuring the penis  is very important and if you want to track your progress properly. Here’s how to measure your penis ; 


Measuring Penis Length


To get your penis length measurements;


  • Take your penis in one hand and the ruler in your other hand.
  • Expand your penis outward before you.Place the ruler at the base of your penis, against your pubic bone. 
  • For the most precise estimation, hold the ruler adjacent to your penis rather than on top of it. 
  • Measure to the tip of your penis, and take that estimation. 
  • Record that measurement.
  • Do the same to measure both the flaccid and the erect penis. Keep both of the measurements.

Measuring Penis Girth


To get your penile girth measurements;


  • You need to find a spot along your penis’ shaft that is your average girth. Because your penis might be thicker in some places, you’ll want to stay consistent by always measuring your girth in the same place.
  • In most cases , that is the midpoint of the penis. 
  • When you find that midpoint, take a soft  measuring tape around the spot you have chosen and take measurements.
  • Record that measurement.
  • Do the same to measure both the flaccid and the erect penis. Keep both of the measurements.

How to make your penis bigger? 10 penis enlargement methods


1. Kegel 

Kegel is not an enlargement exercise, but this exercise is essential for a stronger penile health. It can help to make your erection stronger by increasing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles or pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. As a result the erection quality improves and may look larger too. 


Kegel is done by squeezing the PC muscle, the muscle that we use to stop urination or make the penis jump .It is located in between the anus and the scrotum.


You can start by squeezing the PC muscle for a moment and release. Repeat the process as many times you can.


Then slowly build up a routine for it. For example, you can squeeze and hold for 2 seconds and do it for 50 to 100 reps.


Well, Kegel exercise can do wonders for you! It is the ultimate exercise if you want to become a sexual master. It helps with erectile dysfunction issues and ensures longer lasting and harder erections. If you want to last longer in bed and have multiple intense orgasms as a man, Kegel is a must for you.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Although kegel is a  great exercise doing it too much can have the opposite effect. So, try not to over do it as it can cause premature or early ejaculation.
  • If you do kegels all the time and unconsciously kegel during intercourse it can also cause premature ejaculation. 
  1. Warming Up

Warming up the penis before exercising is often underestimated. But it is very much important and it plays a great role to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. 


The penis is very temperature responsive and warming up the penis before exercising relaxes the penile tissues and enables them to be more elastic. Which helps to maximise the effects of the exercise. It also reduces the possibility of penile deformity  by causing severe injuries to the penile tissue. 


Warming up can be done in a number of ways. You use a hot towel, infrared heat massager or warm water to warm up your penis. 


One of the popular ways of warming up is using a rice sock!  To do that, you need a sock,  fill it with some uncooked rice, tie it up and microwave it for around 30 to 90 seconds.


To warm up properly, you need to apply heat to your penis for five to ten minutes prior to performing penis exercises. 


It’s a very essential part of the penis exercise and should be considered as an exercise itself. 


Things to keep in mind:


  • During this warm up, you need to keep your testicles away from the heat as overheat can negatively affect the sperm count. To protect your testis you can wrap another towel around it and separate it from the penis. 
  • Warm up as much as possible , do it before the starting the exercises and if necessary do it in between each exercise. 
  1. Basic stretch

  1. Take the head of your penis between your index finger by making a circle, and stretch it directly in front of you. Hold it for 5 seconds.
  1. Take your penis and pull it to the right until you can feel a stretch on the left side of your penis. Hold it there for 5 seconds.
  1. Now, pull it to the left, feeling the stretch on the right side. Hold it for 5 seconds.
  1. After that, pull your penis downward. Hold that for 5 seconds.
  1. And finally, pull your penis upward. Hold it there for 5 seconds.
  1. Repeat these steps.

Things to keep in mind:


  • Be sure your penis is flaccid when doing this exercise.
  • Pull the foreskin (if you have one) back, revealing the head. You

want to pull the penis itself, not the skin.

  • Be sure to get a good stretch on each rep for best results
  1. V-Stretch

  2. Take the head of your penis between your index finger and

your thumb or make a circle with you index finger and thumb,

and pull your penis in front of you to a full stretch. Hold it for

5 seconds.


  1. Using the thumb of your other hand, apply a downward

pressure at the base of your penis.


  1. Then slide your thumb slowly down the length of your penis,

while applying the same amount of pressure throughout the shaft until your thumb reached the tip of your penis. This should take between 8 to 10 seconds.


  1. Next, reverse it and slide your thumb back down to the base

of your penis. This should take another 8-10 seconds.


  1. Repeat the steps. 

Things to keep in mind:


  • Make sure that the penis is flaccid.
  • Avoid lubrication, as you need to get a good grip on your

penis for this exercise.


  • If you feel any pain from too much pressure, release the pressure slowly by loosening and adjusting your grip .

5. Circular Stretch

  1. Take your penis in your hand like you’re holding the handle of

a tennis racket and stretch it outward in front of you. Hold it

for 5 seconds.


  1. Now, pull your penis upward. Hold it for 5 seconds.
  1. Then slowly rotate your penis in a circular motion around until

you return to the starting point, first do it clockwise then

counterclockwise. One rotation should take about 5 seconds.


  1. Repeat the steps. 

Things to keep in mind:


  • After each rep shake or massage your penis briefly

to regain the blood flow again.

  1. Power Jelqing

  2. Massage your penis until it’s 60-80% erect.
  1. Using your right hand, make a circle with your index finger

and thumb so you can increase pressure if you need to, and

grip it tightly around the base of your penis.


  1. From the base, slowly pull or milk your penis toward its head.

This should take about 3 to 4 seconds.


  1. When that hand reaches the head, hold it there, stretching the

penis — while you take your other hand and make the same

circle and as you start the same motion with that hand, let go

of the head with your other hand, so it’s free and ready to go

for the next rep.


  1. Repeat the steps 

Things to keep in mind:


  • Perform with lubrication. 
  • Cutting or shaving your pubic hair will also help to perform jelqs better. 
  • Be sure that you grip all the way around your penis and maintain

enough pressure so no blood escapes.

  • Make sure that you don’t ejaculate during this exercise and never exercise right after ejaculation. 
  • Don’t do this exercise with a full erection, as it’s possible to
  • cause bruising or the rupturing of blood vessels.
  1. Normal Jelqing 

  2. Massage your penis until it’s 60-80% erect.
  1. Using your right hand, make a circle with your index finger and thumb so you can increase pressure if you need to, and grip it tightly around the base of your penis.
  1. From the base, slowly pull or milk your penis toward its head and let it slide off when it gets there. This should take about 3 seconds.
  1. Take your other hand and make the same circle and make the

same motion with that hand.


  1. Repeat these steps.

Things to keep in mind:


  • Use lubrication.
  • Be sure that your grip all the way around your penis and

maintain enough pressure so no blood escapes.

  • Make sure that you don’t ejaculate during this exercise, so stop

if you feel the urge to ejaculate.

  • Don’t do this exercise with a full erection, as it’s possible to

cause bruising or rupturing of blood vessels.


  1. The Jelq and Hold
  2. Massage your penis until it’s 60-80% erect.
  1. Using your right hand, make a circle with your index finger

and thumb so you can increase pressure if you need to, and

grip it tightly around the base of your penis.


  1. From the base, slowly pull or milk your penis toward its head

and let it slide off when it gets there. This should take about

2-3 seconds.


  1. When you reach the head of your penis, stretch it outward

and hold it there for 10 seconds.


  1. Repeat the steps.

Things to keep in mind:


  • Use lubrication.
  • If you use too much force you may experience some red spots on the head of your penis. This is  expected to disappear within a few days but it’s best to avoid it .

9. Sit Down Stretch 

  1. While standing up, massage your penis until it’s 30-40% erect.


  1. As you start sitting down, tuck your penis back underneath and toward the back.


  1. Slowly and easily sit down on your penis, and as your hips straighten, you should get a good stretch.


  1. Repeat the steps a few times.

Things to keep in mind:


  • Do not put too much stress on the penis while sitting.
  • This is a cool down exercise and you can do it every time you finish your session to give your penis a final stretch.

10. Reverse Jelq 


This jelqing technique follows the same principles as the normal jelqing exercise. But it is done in a reverse motion which is sliding your hand from the tip to the base. This kind of jelqing is useful for increasing the girth of the base of the penis. 


Things to keep in mind:


  • It’s better not to do reverse jelqs too often. Only do it if the base of your penis is much thinner than the middle part and the head. 
  • Doing this too often can reverse your length growth. So make sure you do reverse jelqs less than the normal jelqs. 

Here’s a quick reminder on things to keep in mind if you are doing enlargement exercises :



to remember


to avoid 

Follow a regular routine. 


Gradually increase Intensity. 


Get sufficient rest. 


Pay attention to how your body is responding.


Stop exercising if you feel any uncomfort. 





Using too much strength


Over exercising 


How long does it take to enlarge your penis by exercise?

Interestingly, if you are using an effective method, the initial results start to show within a few weeks and as per our research ,most people see noticeable changes within 3 to 4 months.


But , a good rule of thumb is that you can expect around 1 inch increase in length and girth over a year. Yes, it takes almost an year to really see a significant change in your size.  


What are the benefits of penis enlargement exercises?


We have found a number of benefits that have been repeatedly reported by penis exercisers from the online communities. 


  • A bigger erect and flaccid penis
  • Greater confidence and mental satisfaction
  • Harder, longer-lasting and fuller erections
  • Stronger orgasms
  • The ability to have a prolonged sexual intercourse and multiple orgasms
  • Greater intensity in ejaculation
  • Larger ejaculation volume
  • Further “shooting distance” when ejaculating
  • A healthier prostate, which possibly reduces the

risk of prostate cancer and other prostate-related


  • An overall healthier penis and penile vascular



Possible side effects of enlargement exercises:

Penis enlargement methods can give you some minor to serious side effects. According to online forums and communities related to penis enlargement techniques, these are the most common side effects:


  • Blisters
  • Pain or soreness along the penis shaft
  • A darker penis
  • Bruising on the penis
  • Spotting along the penis
  • The doughnut effect; a temporary condition where the skin around the head of the penis gets swollen and it looks similar to a doughnut. 
  • Drying of the penis skin due to rubbing
  • Temporary erectile dysfunction
  • Skin irritation from rubbing
  • Scar tissue resulting from rubbing too hard

All things considered, Is penis enlargement worth it? 


Penis enlargement surely is all about your mental satisfaction rather than physical. If you are a good lover, who knows what to do in the bedroom, then you don’t really need a big penis.


Before becoming a man with a big penis you must invest in becoming a better lover. Ask yourself, do you really want to invest your time and effort only for visual satisfaction? 


But, it’s needless to say, if your penis size is affecting your confidence and the way you see and feel about yourself then you can definitely give this a try.

But, a bigger penis will not bring much good if you can’t learn to appreciate yourself  the way you are right now. 


Penis enlargement exercise exists and you can actually increase your penis size using these methods! But, keep in mind that great change requires great knowledge, efforts and risks. Now the choice is yours. 


Still having trouble deciding? Reach out to us anytime and we will get back to you! Subscribe to our newsletter! We will keep you updated on all the things you need to know about male sexual health, enhancement or enlargement and help you embrace your manhood naturally!


Researched and Written By

James Johnson, PhD
James Johnson, PhD

What excites me most about research is the opportunity for the work that I do to make a positive impact on the society. It is thrilling and energizing to know the that my research can help to so many people. I am James Johnson a full time researcher of Cellular & Molecular Biology at Vascugen and founder of Best enhancement. I have been writing on different aspects of sexual and physical health and well-being. I am passionate on researching and studying different male female health conditions, sexual issues and their forefront solutions.

Medically Reviewed By

Dr,Richards NMD
Dr,Richards NMD

Dr, Calvin Richards NMD honorable medical reviewer and consultant at he is an experienced naturopathic doctor with a demonstrated history of using integrative medicine to achieve health care goals. Skilled in primary care with robust utilization of conventional medicine and evidence-based natural medicine such as botanicals/herbs, nutrition, and nutraceutical.

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